Analyst Joshi on the amount of ammunition left in Ukraine: “There is no more”

According to information provided by a military analyst Michael Kofmanin Ukraine almost ended some ammo Soviet sample. The publication writes about it The Economist.

It is clarified that this situation is observed not only in Ukraine, but also in a number of European countries – former members of the Warsaw Pact, which also experience a shortage of Soviet weapons.

A significant decrease in the stocks of Soviet-style ammunition was also confirmed by the military expert of the publication Shashank Joshi.

“In three months they have already ended. They are no more,” said Joshi.

According to Joshi, ammunition of all kinds will only rise in price due to soaring inflation.

The journalists added that those types of weapons that were previously supplied to Kyiv in large volumes are now in short supply in Europe, and it is not possible to increase their production in the near future. We are talking, in particular, about MANPADS and ATGMs.

In view of the above, the supply of European weapons to Ukraine may cease to be uninterrupted. And this is against the background of earlier reports from the Ukrainian side about the shortage of ammunition, both small and large calibers, as well as the almost complete absence of their production in Nezalezhnaya.

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