An honest photo of Ekaterina Klimova without makeup hit the net

Ekaterina Klimova.

Ekaterina Klimova.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Ekaterina Klimova is rightfully considered one of the most attractive actresses in Russian cinema. At 44, the green-eyed beauty looks at least 10 years younger. Fans are accustomed to seeing their favorite carefully made up and with impeccable styling. But it turns out she looks great without makeup. In social networks, actress Ekaterina Vulichenko showed her friend at home – in a kitchen apron, with a rolling pin in her hands, disheveled and without makeup.

The two Catherines have been friends for a long time, since their student days. They studied together at the Shchepkin Theater School. In 2015, Vulichenko became the godmother of Klimova’s youngest daughter Bella. Therefore, friends often gather to visit each other. This time they decided to make dumplings together. Two more star chefs were called in as help – Oksana Akinshina and Olga Filippova. On her page, Vulichenko showed her friends in the kitchen preparing dinner.

“We have dumplings today!” Vulichenko signed the publication.

The actress and her friends made dumplings.  Photo: social networks.

The actress and her friends made dumplings. Photo: social networks.

In the photo, Klimova appears in a cute and homely manner. Subscribers in the comments write compliments to their friends and assure that they are good without makeup.

Ekaterina Klimova also shared a video showing the cooking process. “This is the hostess”, “What a cutie you are”, “Even younger without makeup”, “I want to cook with you”, “What a lighter you are”, “Chic evening”, “Dumplings without haste”, subscribers commented on the footage.

Ekaterina Klimova is raising four children from different husbands. The actress first married her school love, jeweler Ilya Khoroshilov, and became a mother early, having given birth to Lisa. A happy family life was destroyed by an affair with a colleague on the set Igor Petrenko. Taking her daughter, Klimova left Ilya for a new life. Petrenko became her second husband, they lived together for 9 years. In this marriage, the sons of Matvey and Roots appeared. Ekaterina gave birth to her youngest daughter Bella from her third husband, actor Gela Meskhi, whom she divorced two years ago.

Fans are sure that Catherine looks great without makeup.  Photo: video frame.

Fans are sure that Catherine looks great without makeup. Photo: video frame.

Recently, Catherine, through the court, demanded that Igor Petrenko pay alimony for her sons. At first, Igor complied with the terms of the agreement, then he stopped paying alimony, and in the fall his debt amounted to a record 6 million 242 thousand rubles. The bailiffs entered the case, they wanted to limit Petrenko’s travel abroad. Perhaps this was an incentive for the actor, and he almost completely repaid the debt.

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