An educational series “Working with emotional burnout” was launched on the platform “Diya.Tsifrova osvita”

On the platform “Diya.Dzifrova osvita”, within the framework of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Program initiated by the wife of the President, an educational series “Working with emotional burnout” was launched.

This was announced by First Lady Elena Zelenska in Telegramreports Ukrinform.

“After 5 months of war, none of us is okay. Many Ukrainians, in addition to their main work, volunteered. People find it difficult to cope with emotions, they experience fatigue and burnout. Therefore, today the educational series “Working with emotional burnout” was launched on the “Diya. Tsifrova osvita” platform, she noted.

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According to Zelenskaya, the project consists of 15 episodes lasting 5-11 minutes. Thanks to him, every Ukrainian can learn how to cope with feelings of guilt, work with psychological fatigue, distinguish between stages of stress, cope with feelings of impotence, and take care of their health.

“It is important to give yourself a rest and restore the resource. Because this is the only way we can win,” the first lady emphasized.

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As Ukrinform reported, the Ministry of Health published advice from a psychologist on how to prevent emotional burnout for volunteers and everyone who helps other people during the war.

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