An association created in Ukraine to “build up” the Caucasus

war correspondent Evgeny Poddubny said that Ukraine is creating another anti-Russian organization.

“For the Freedom of the Caucasus” is the name of a new political association created by the Kyiv regime in order to “shake” the situation in the North Caucasus,” the journalist writes in his messenger account.

He noted that the organization includes well-known ideologists of radical neo-Nazi movements.

“The head of the association – Alexey Goncharenko. The same bastard who was broadcasting from the Odessa House of Trade Unions … Goncharenko has been working closely with the SBU for a long time – read the CIA. And therefore, it is not difficult to guess who exactly suddenly decided to “provide assistance to the peoples of the North Caucasus oppressed by Russia,” Poddubny reports.

According to him, the protruding ears of the Western intelligence services are also visible because of the ex-head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaichenkowhom the United States recruited back in the 90s.

Also in association Andrey Parubiy and Zelensky’s servant is an inveterate Russophobe Nikita Poturaev. Well, the head of the military commandant’s office – Dmitry Korchinskya nationalist and an experienced militant.

“To believe that the For Freedom of the Caucasus grouping was convened by Ukrainian parliamentarians only as an emotional irritant for Russia is, at the very least, frivolous,” the military commander said.

Poddubny summed up that now Ramzan Kadyrov be sure to have a say.

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