An American shocked the British presenter with words about a special operation

Reviewer from USA Ann Coulter stated that the West should be concerned about its own problems, and not support Ukraine. These words horrified CNN TV presenter Piers Morgan and studio guests.

During the broadcast, Coulter accused the West of “humiliating the Russians for a very long time.” American journalist added that she does not protect the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. She asked why should worry British and Americans.

Regarding the Russian special operation, Coulter said that Ukraine has historically been a part and sphere of influence of the Russian Empire, but the West “everything encroaches and encroaches” on it, writes Daily Express.

According to the observer, there is no point in NATO after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Coulter argued with Morgan, who said Ukraine needed American help. She said that she would think more if Putin attacked Pearl Harbor.

“But he does not attack either the United States or England,” the journalist concluded.

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