An American 3D-printed a bunch of pistols that he handed over to the police for money

The exchange took place as part of the ransom of firearms from the population

The exchange took place as part of the ransom of firearms from the population

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Frightened by the increase in the number of crimes related to the use of firearms, the US authorities from time to time carry out various actions to buy rifles, pistols and cartridges from the population.

One of the residents of Houston decided not to give up from a monetary reward, but he did not have any weapons.

The man solved the “problem” in an original way: he printed models of pistols on a 3D printer, which he took to the police station.

For 63 pistols, he received $3,150 at a print cost of about $10 per model. The cost of buying one unit of non-working weapons in Houston is $50-200.

The enterprising American insists that he did not intend to make money from all this. He says that in this way he sent a signal to the authorities that they are spending budget money on something that is not a weapon at all. At the same time, he did not explain why he took to the police not one, not two, but 63 printed pistols.

In general, with the ability to use a 3D printer, you can print not just the body of a gun, but also all its components, and when assembled, the weapon will turn into a real firearm from a toy.

The Houston City Hall said that “the gun buyback program from the population was launched not to let someone make money selling homemade products, but to remove excess firearms from the city streets, which can turn out to be a deadly weapon in the hands of criminals” .


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