Amnesty International Secretary General: Vladimir Putin hates Ukrainians | News from Germany about Ukraine | DW

The Russian leadership, headed by President Vladimir Putin, feels hatred for all Ukrainians, the secretary general of the human rights organization believes Amnesty International (AI) Agnes Callamard. “There are statements, comments and speeches by Putin and other Russian leaders showing how they ignore and hate the Ukrainian people, where they speak as if Ukraine does not exist,” Kallamar said in an interview with Ukrainian television on Tuesday, May 10.

According to her, it is these statements that will be taken into account when considering the issue of genocide of Ukrainians. The violence used in this war is based on the mindset created by the Russian leadership, says AI Secretary General. “Violence becomes a mode of action, they turn a blind eye to it, and at times it is even glorify. There is no control, and this creates conditions for violent behavior, this is a regime of impunity,” Kallamar said.

AI Secretary General acknowledged the lack of evidence that the command of the Russian troops requires soldiers to use torture and murder. “However, we have evidence that the leadership does not stop these crimes. Therefore, they are repeated again and again,” she said.

Inform the world about Russia’s crimes

According to Agnes Callamard, the task of AI in this war is to inform the world about the extent and types of crimes committed Russian troops in Ukraine. “We want to show that this war is not only a problem for Ukraine, Europe and NATO. Russian aggression is a problem for the whole world,” the Secretary General of Amnesty International stressed.

In recent days, Kallamar, as part of a delegation, visited the outskirts of Kyiv, where the victims of alleged Russian war crimes were dozens of civilians.

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