AMLO shared an emotional message 20 years after the death of Rocío Beltrán, his first wife

AMLO and Rocío Beltrán (Twitter/@lopezobrador_)
AMLO and Rocío Beltrán (Twitter/@lopezobrador_)

The president of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, he dedicated a few words to Roció Beltrán, his first wife, 20 years after her death on January 12, 2003. “He accompanied me with great solidarity and love at the beginning of our struggle,” the president wrote.

Also, López Obrador shared a compilation of texts dedicated to who was his partner for 24 years, along with some photographs of their history together. Among the authors of the writings are names such as Jaime Aviles, Rosario Ibarra Y Guadalupe Loaezaamong others.

These texts were from columns written after Rocío’s death from lupus, a disease in the immune system. They were compiled in said “family book”, as AMLO named it, and presented as a tribute to the mother of Jose Ramon, Andres and Gonzalo.

In it, Andrés Manuel narrated how and when he met Rocío, and what it meant for him to unite his life with her. He described her as an exceptional woman, considerate, concerned about her children and without political interests.

“I met Rocío in 1976, when she was studying in Villahermosa for a degree in Educational Sciences from the Autonomous University of Juárez de Tabasco and I taught at that school as an intern,” the president said at the book presentation.

“Joining Rocío was the most important decision of my life; It was not only love but the company that she protected and advised me to the end. Nothing really important would have done without her support. She gave me courage in difficult moments and she shared with me the humanism and the faith in the changes for which we fight”

Rocío Beltrán and AMLO with their children (Special)
Rocío Beltrán and AMLO with their children (Special)

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