AMLO received a Dr. Simi on his tour of Mitla, Oaxaca: “Presi, countryman”

AMLO is already part of Doctor Simi's fashion (Photo: Twitter/@dbeniteza)
AMLO is already part of Doctor Simi’s fashion (Photo: Twitter/@dbeniteza)

The fashion of throwing stuffed animals doctor sim it seems that he has already abandoned music recitals, because now he was the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) who received two of these during his visit to Mitla, Oaxaca, which he took with a smile on his face.

It was the morning of this October 2 when the president, accompanied by Governor Alejandro Murat, arrived in the Oaxacan municipality that was received by a group of peoplethe same ones who delivered requests for help, bottles of mezcal, bread from the area and embroidered shirts.

However, among all those gifts and requests, the Tabascan was surprised with two Doctor Simi; one of them came from a young man who put it on his forearm; while the other, as in some concerts, they threw it away.

At the same time that said action occurred, those present began to shout at López Obrador: “Press, countryman”, shouts that were reciprocated by a smile. Some time later, the president addressed the inauguration of a branch of the Banco del Bienestar in the municipality.

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