Americans propose to remove hundred-dollar bills from circulation in order to punish the Russian Federation

The Americans are proposing to remove hundred-dollar bills from circulation in order to punish citizens of the Russian Federation.

It informs The Wall Street Journal.

Hoover Institution analyst Markos Kunalakis suggested that President Joseph Biden “burn” the dollar savings of Russians by withdrawing $100 banknotes from circulation.

The expert believes that most residents of the Russian Federation have not yet felt impose sanctionsand the withdrawal of banknotes from circulation will put pressure on Putin.

Kunalakis is confident that the blow will be inflicted on the middle class and wealthy citizens. For 2019, Russians have accumulated more than 300 tons of these banknotes. This is at least $31.5 billion.

All actions related to the hundred dollar bill cause panic in the Russian Federation, he is sure. In 1996, millions of Russian citizens were alarmed when the US redesigned the $100 to make it harder to counterfeit. Nearly 4/5 of hundred dollar bills are outside the States.

The rapid cancellation of the bill by the US Treasury will cause an internal backlash against the special operation in Ukraine, the analyst believes. In Russian banks, it will not be easy to convert these banknotes into another currency, and the savings of Russian citizens will turn into paper.

President Biden should point out that it is because of the NWO in Ukraine and “violence against civilians” that the $100 bill is being terminated. Then waves of indignation could overwhelm the Russian Federation, Kunalakis naively believes.

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