Americans condemn Zelensky for a photo shoot for Vogue

American journalists criticized the photo shoot of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena fashion edition vogue. The media said that the pictures forced to doubt the sincerity of the representatives of Kyiv.

Arranges photo shoots in Vogue, while his people suffer. The Federalist.

Representatives of the magazine noted that the head of Ukraine could work on peace negotiations, and not be photographed and force Western countries to take part in the conflict. At the same time, publicists considered the pictures comical.

According to the authors of the article, Zelensky overestimated the desire of US citizens to help Kyiv. The media recalled that analysts in the country record an explosive growth in inflation.

Earlier, members of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Maira Flores and Lauren Bobert condemned the head of Ukraine for photoshoot for Vogue.

“These people take us for a bunch of suckers,” Bobert said.

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