American women dream of giving birth to Elon Musk

Elon Musk.

Elon Musk.


Young American women are imbued with the problems of falling birth rates in the country and are ready to correct the situation. That’s just the father of their unborn child, many want to see not the first comer, but the very Elon Musk.

At the same time, women almost in unison claim that their desire to become the mother of another little Mask has nothing to do with money.

“I want to support him. I want to be everything to him that a woman can be to a man. His intellect is extremely attractive. I love how creative and focused he is. He is also cute. I find it very hot – stated aspiring rap artist Christelle South.

She even wrote a song, from the title of which it is clear what she wants from the Mask, but it is impossible to quote the text of which in the media due to frank vocabulary.

“If you asked me, a 31-year-old unmarried, childless advertiser, if I want to have a child with Elon Musk, I would say yes,” echoes an employee of an advertising agency from Salt Lake City, who covered everything that only possible.

“I would definitely date him if I ever had the chance,” said 22-year-old Teddy.

But she immediately admitted that she didn’t want to have children yet, but to meet a billionaire is, please. And, of course, not for the sake of money.

However, it seems that Musk himself does not need the help of American women drying over him in correcting the demographic situation in the country – after information about twins born to himit is not difficult to calculate that the billionaire has become a father for the tenth time.

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