American shoppers are ‘eggflation’ horrified as scrambled eggs for breakfast become a luxury

Americans complain about the lack of eggs in the United States

Americans complain about the lack of eggs in the United States

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Disappeared from the shelves of American stores chicken eggs The number of such complaints is growing every day. The problem lies in the largest outbreak of bird flu in recent years.

The H5N1 bird flu strain, which is now actively spreading across the planet, is characterized by high lethality and the ability to infect.

“At the moment the situation is unprecedented due to the number of cases of infection in poultry, as well as due to infections that we have also observed in wild birds, especially sea birds,” said the head of the Department of Virology at the University of Edinburgh. Paul Digard. – Another change is that normally in Northern Europe and the UK outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza occur in winter but disappear in summer. Last summer, he did not completely disappear, but only subsided. Thus, the virus has changed its behavior.

In the United States, shortages of eggs, egg white and poultry meat have been caused by the destruction of laying hens on private farms. Under the knife were tens of millions of chickens. The owners are trying to prevent the spread of bird flu in this way, but so far these measures have not been successful.

Social media users complain that in separate stores of the Costco and Walmart chains, people are buying up eggs, like toilet paper in 2020.

“Never in our lives have the country run out of eggs. Eggflation thanks to Biden’s irresponsible money printing,” users write.

“This is Costco, where the eggs are completely sold out. 2020 was the year of toilet paper.

2023 will be the year of egg chasing,” notes another Twitter user.

“Hmmm.. all I know is that I eat eggs every day and the shelves are empty… something is causing this shortage,” notes another user.

But in New Zealand, the shortage of eggs arose for a different reason. Since the beginning of 2023, battery cages for laying hens have been banned there. They worked on the law for ten years, because it was believed that such cages were harmful to the health of birds, which could not behave naturally due to cramped conditions and were therefore prone to infection and disease. Most of Europe, as well as Mexico, Israel and Canada banned their use in 2012. Australia announced in August that it would be phasing out cells by 2036.

The new law has led to the fact that for the second week in many stores in New Zealand empty shelves with eggs. Producers say they still lack hundreds of thousands of birds to meet market demand, a problem that could take months to resolve.

Animal advocates, in turn, add heat. They not only oppose the alternative to battery cages, believing that the new cages are also terrible, but also urge the inhabitants of the country to simply ignore the shortage of eggs. In this regard, some New Zealanders have thought about raising chickens in private homes in order to cope with the problem on their own.

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