American expert explained why the United States will not be able to take over Russia

The United States will not be able to take over Russia, China and other countries that Washington appointed as his enemy, says former Ronald Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts.

In his opinion, in the United States itself, the situation is now difficult, there is no freedom of speech in the country. It is forbidden to conduct any debate: for liberals, leftists, democrats, blacks and feminists, all issues are resolved in advance, the guilty are also appointed. US citizens are deprived of the opportunity to discuss problems, says Paul Craig Roberts.

He noted that now all conservatives and Republicans are a priori considered racists and a threat to American democracy, PolitRussia reports.

Those who do not agree with this formulation of the question, subjected to censorship, which is guarded by the media, the FBI, many businessmen, social networks.

“Feminists teach women to hate men. White liberals teach blacks to hate whites. Awakened leftists instill white children with guilt and teach them to hate themselves and their parents and accept the privileges granted to the oppressed. Gender depends on who you say you are, not biology or parts of your body. Such a confused and divided by mutual hatred society is not capable of going to war with real peoples, such as Russia, China, Iran, “says Paul Craig Roberts.

In his opinion, in fact, the current American authorities are waging a civil war against half of their own population. Therefore, according to Paul Craig Roberts, USA is not able to defeat Russia.

Recall that in November the midterm elections to Congress will be held in the United States. The composition of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate will be completely re-elected.

It is assumed that due to the unpopularity of US President Joe Biden, Democrats may have serious problems in order to maintain a majority in Congress.

By the way, many observers in the United States commented on yesterday’s OPEC+ decision to cut oil production by two million barrels per day in an appendix to the upcoming elections. After all, this decision can lead to another round of rising prices at gas stations and inflation. Which is unlikely to add votes to the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

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