American economist Jeffrey Sachs: “Ukraine will disappear from the map, or a third world war will begin”

American economist Jeffrey Sachs

American economist Jeffrey Sachs


Among the well-known Americans who do not agree with the official version of the White House of events in Ukraine, a serious addition: economist Jeffrey Sachs warned that the conflict in Ukraine will not end in defeat Vladimir Putin. “Ukraine will disappear from the map, or the third world war will begin,” he gave a forecast of the development of events during the Free Thoughts on the Future conference.

It is noteworthy that Sacks blames the West for starting the current conflict, saying that there is only one option to end hostilities – NATO must admit that it will not expand at the expense of Ukraine. The arrogance of the Western military alliance, which refused to take into account the demands of Russia to ensure its security, is the reason for the outbreak of hostilities in the center of Europe. And if the West really wants peace, Sachs believes, it needs to end the war against Russia, not on NATO terms, but with Moscow’s interests in mind.

Who is Jeffrey Sachs: Was American

To write off this statement of an American economist on the “pluralism” of opinions in the United States, they say, you never know that someone from the marginalized “crows”, will not work. Because we are talking about an economist who is very well known in the political circles of many countries. Jeffrey Sachs gave advice on reorganizing the economy on a market footing in both Latin America and Eastern Europe. He was one of the leading consultants of the Polish anti-communist Solidarity movement and a co-author of the economic program of the first Polish governments after the collapse of communism. But something else is more important for us – the American was called upon as a consultant on economic reforms in the Soviet Union even under Mikhail Gorbachevand then “by inheritance” got and Boris Yeltsin, becoming in 1991-1993 an adviser to acting. prime minister Yegor Gaidar and finance minister Boris Fedorov on macroeconomic policy issues.

The results of the reform efforts of the 1990s are well known. Of course, there were conspiracy theories that Western pest specialists deliberately ruined the Soviet economy in order to eliminate Russia as a competitor. And Sachs, as some believed, was one of those who gave our young reformers deliberately bad advice. When the Russian authorities refused his services, he continued to work, and in great demand, in the UN structures, becoming one of the main authorities on the concept of sustainable development.

Architect of “catastrophe capitalism”

In a word, to imagine that Sachs during his work for Moscow was “confused” by some invisible forces, from which he went on about – pure nonsense. Moreover, there is evidence of his very unflattering statements in the past against our country, when, as he believed, there were only “his own” around. No wonder Canadian journalist Naomi Klein called Jeffrey Sachs one of the architects of “catastrophe capitalism” after his recommendations in Bolivia, Poland and Russia led to the impoverishment of millions of people. And suddenly – such a statement about the conflict in Ukraine. However, not quite suddenly – in June he signed an open letter calling for a ceasefire in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Recall that at that time Western leaders spoke exclusively about the fact that Kyiv should defeat Moscow on the battlefield.

What is behind the “epiphany” of Jeffrey Sachs?

The current West is clearly overwhelmed by ideological passions that were previously inherent in other socio-economic formations. Therefore, he is not able to calculate the consequences of his own sudden movements in the global economic situation, when dependence on Russia seems unobvious, but turns out to be fatal. Rationalism and cold calculation as the virtues and advantages of capitalism are now not honored by the ruling Western elites. But there are still experts who understand what unconditional support for the Ukrainian leader in a khaki T-shirt can lead to. So they warn: we must stop before it’s too late …


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