American Colonel Davis predicted the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the attack on the south of Ukraine

Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis sure that Ukrainian army will be defeated if it tries to attack the southern regions under Russian control. He expressed his opinion in an article published by the publication 19Fortyfive.

According to Davis, the attempt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to recapture the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions from Russia will not be successful. In such a scenario, the Ukrainian army risks suffering huge losses, losing Western equipment and losing a large territory.

The officer is convinced that Ukraine will not be able to organize a large-scale offensive without experienced military personnel, most of whom the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already lost. He recalled that a significant number of regular Ukrainian military personnel died in battles, and now the country’s Armed Forces consist mainly of recruits who do not have combat experience. When attacking the southern regions, Ukrainian troops will face an enemy that outnumbers them in manpower, artillery and aviation.

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