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The weapon is serious, to be sure.  That's just consider it regular "prodigy"as they have already begun to dance for joy in Kyiv, there are no sufficient grounds for this

The weapon is serious, to be sure. That’s just to consider her another “wunderwaffle”, as they have already begun to dance for joy in Kyiv, there are no sufficient grounds for that

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American TV channel CNN referring to his high-ranking sources in Washington, he said that USA complete consultations on the issue of sending Ukraine the most modern at the moment in the west air defense systems Patriot, and shipping plans could be announced as early as this week. It is planned to transfer to Kyiv one battery of an anti-aircraft missile system (SAM), which includes, in addition to radar and other technical support vehicles, from four to eight launchers, each of which has four standard missiles. That is, from 16 to 32 Patriot air defense missiles will be brought to Ukraine in transport and launch containers (TPK). How many missiles will be delivered as additional ammunition is not reported.

The weapon is serious, to be sure. That’s just to consider her another “wunderwaffle”, as they have already begun to dance for joy in Kyiv, there are no sufficient grounds for that.


According to American journalists, an agreement on deliveries will be announced at the end of this week. Therefore, within a week, the US Secretary of Defense must sign the papers, another week is set aside to receive sanctions from Biden. So, before the New Year, the complexes are unlikely to go to Germany, where, as reported, the Ukrainian military will be trained to work on them.

Another two or three months will be required, at least, for this training. So, before March-April, the American Patriot air defense systems will not take up combat duty in Ukraine. If this happens in a shorter time, then there are only two options for implementing such a scenario.

The first is an option when the American military personnel themselves, who will be brought along with the installations, will work for them. And this is a direct involvement in the US conflict. However, Biden, who devotes his leisure time to breaking children’s bicycles and recognizing his close relatives again, may not be told about this.

The second option means that the Ukrainian military has been training for some time (and it is not known how long) on ​​the Patriot air defense systems, which are in service in Germany. With the secret permission of the German Ministry of Defense and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Like it or not, but a new international scandal.

But even if everything is implemented according to the best scenario for Kyiv, it is excessive naivety to believe that the Patriot will change the course of the conflict.


Why do Kyiv need these air defense systems? Zelensky gives a completely unambiguous answer – to close the sky over energy infrastructure facilities. And this is the first lie. Because the launchers directly work with the battery command post, where all the information on the tracked targets is located, and where the commands come from. That is, to put one launcher in Dnepropetrovsk, the second in Zaporozhye, and the third at the Rivne nuclear power plant. They should cover one area or one sufficiently large object. And we can even say with confidence that Kyiv will be this object. Zelensky will try to secure the place where he himself works, and where the largest number of Ukrainians live in one area. And the rest in this case will remain without cover.

Complexes “Patriot” – a thing not just expensive, but very expensive. The cost of one SAM battery in a complete set is about one billion US dollars, and one missile, depending on the modification, varies from 3 to 6 million.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that the Patriot air defense systems can only be effectively used against Caliber cruise missiles or aircraft. No, you can also shoot at Geranium, and, probably, it will be possible to shoot down (although not a fact), but spending several million dollars on a target worth several tens of thousands of dollars is still the same microscope (and even electronic) to hit nuts.

By the way, for sure, these air defense systems will not be supplied under the grant program, but will be included in the so-called Lend-Lease program, for which you will then have to pay off, as well as for other debts.


And against ballistic missiles, the Patriot is useless. It became clear back in Iraq when Saddam Hussein’s Scuds flew past them without incurring any losses. The Patriots screwed up in 1991, when they smashed the US Marine Corps barracks in Dhahran, and already in recent years, when the Houthi rebels hit targets with their Scuds and even drones at strategic sites in Saudi Arabia. So only cruise missiles remain from the targets of the air defense system, in particular, our Caliber, the production of which, according to Russian experts, costs 300-500 thousand dollars. And now – attention! The effectiveness of work against aircraft of the Patriot air defense system is 0.8. But against missiles – 0.3-0.4. That is, in order to be guaranteed to shoot down one target missile, two or three anti-missiles must be launched. The Americans, in order to try to shoot down the same Scuds, launched 4 Patriot missiles at once, and the drones of their air defense systems in Saudi Arabia simply missed.

Well, the fact that for the Russian military installations of the Patriot air defense system will become priority targets is not to go to the grandmother. By the way, both the Americans and Europeans are not in vain afraid to supply Ukraine with their most modern weapons, since their vaunted combat characteristics quite often burst with soap bubbles when they collide with real Russian military equipment.

So you think a couple more times, gentlemen, about the supply of “Abrams” and “Leopards”, then measure seven more times, but we do not recommend cutting off. Categorically. Moreover, the same German “Leopards” burned in Syria no worse than the American “Abrams” earlier in Iraq. Patriot’s fame is also pretty tarnished, so why should it be further trampled into that very substance.

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