America predicted troubled times in relations with Europe

International Affairs Expert Michael Gfeller and former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia David Rundell believe that America will not be able to Russia’s opposition constantly rely on their allies in Europe. Analysts expressed their opinion in an article for the weekly Newsweek.

The authors named among the reasons the economic crisis engulfing Europe, which is caused by anti-Russian sanctions. The latter, in turn, provoked a sharp rise in the cost of energy resources, inflation and a general rise in the cost of living.

In addition, these factors have already led to resignations in the highest echelons of power in a number of European countries. The region has also been hit by a wave of strikes by workers in key sectors of the economy. In the future, public discontent will grow, and unrest will intensify, according to American experts.

The article notes that some European leaders are beginning to feel what awaits them. Examples are given of the leader of Hungary, who condemned the sanctions against Russia, and the Vice President of the European Commission, who warned of strong “conflicts and strife” in Europe due to lack of energy in the coming winter.

All this does not bode well for the interests of the United States, which is counting on its allies, the authors of the article conclude.

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