Allied forces leveled the line of defense between Kremennaya and Svatovo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to draw up reserves, preparing to strike at the positions of the RF Armed Forces on several fronts, writes “Military Review”.

It is reported that a calm situation is observed in the Starobelsky direction. Allied forces are building a strong defense. The enemy is at a distance, fearing Russian artillery.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are still concentrated in the Svatovo region. The RF Armed Forces left a number of settlements (Novoplatonovka, Boguslavka, Glushkovka and Kruglyakovka) in order to level the defense and create a new frontier.

Russian troops direct efforts to protect Svatovo, because if it is lost, the enemy will open the way to Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and Rubizhne with further access to Lugansk. The situation in Kremennaya is calm.

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