Alla Pugacheva’s car put on the wanted list

Alla Pugacheva has 9 cars.

Alla Pugacheva has 9 cars.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

About what property in Russia remained with Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin, the site already wrote. Then it turned out that the castle in the village of Mud wholly owned by the humorist and even in the event of a divorce, it will not be divided: the estate was acquired even before the wedding with the Prima Donna. In addition, Galkin turned out to be the owner of a three-ruble note in Moscow, but Alla Borisovna signed off the famous apartment on Tverskaya Kristina Orbakaite. Now prima donna’s possessions are limited to five-room apartments in Filippovsky Lane and a decent fleet of vehicles.

As we have already said, in the garages of Pugacheva there are nine “swallows”including a snowmobile, a jet ski, a spacious minivan – “mobile home”, two limousines … However, in actual fact, it turned out that there were eight cars. So, according to, one of Alla Borisovna’s cars – a light gray jeep – is on the wanted list.

“The search is announced when the traffic police receives an application for theft from the owner,” the star lawyer explained to Andrey Aleshkin. – Then a criminal case is initiated about the theft, an interception plan is announced. The car is on the wanted list until it is found, until the owner withdraws the application, or until the statute of limitations expires. Therefore, usually such expensive cars are immediately insured: the owner receives a payment, and the return of the car is no longer his concern.

Another “swallow”, according to, in 2019 fell into the “black list” of bailiffs – a restriction was imposed on the Mercedes Primadonna.

– As a rule, this happens if the owner has outstanding debts, for example, property taxes, – Andrey Aleshkin specified. – The bailiff cannot seize and sell the car, since usually the amount of debt is small and differs greatly from the price of the car. But a ban is imposed on the commission of registration actions. And when the owner comes to change the rights, sell the car or something like that, he has to pay the debt first.

In addition, after Alla Borisovna’s departure from Russia, another of her cars had an accident: on March 22, in the Odintsovo district, Pugacheva’s driver in a snow-white Mercedes collided with another passenger car at an intersection. This accident turned out to be the second one: in 2016, the artist’s Merce hit an obstacle.

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