Alla Pugacheva, who left Russia, is running out of money

Alla Borisovna is sad: real estate in Russia brings only losses...

Alla Borisovna is sad: real estate in Russia brings only losses…


Almost immediately after the start of the special operation in Ukraine Alla Pugacheva together with her children and husband Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent), she left for Israel. When there was talk that the singer had emigrated, Pugacheva assured fans that her departure from the country was due to health problems.

“Holidays, vacations, treatment are not emigration,” the 73-year-old artist said on social networks.

Indeed, by September, Alla Borisovna returned with her children to Russia. She took the twins to school, but stayed at home for less than a month. And just as suddenly as she returned, she left the country again.

“I tried to return Maxim to the screens”

– Alla Borisovna tried to return Maxim Galkin to television screens, went around many offices. Even, according to rumors, she promised that there would be no more political posts in Maxim’s social networks. But the TV bosses just shrugged their shoulders: they say, even if we return Galkin, the people will not accept him, – a source in television circles told KP.RU.

Promoters are sure that the money in the star family is already running out. After all, the family now has more expenses than income. In addition, Pugacheva also financially helps her elder grandson Nikita Presnyakov, who, after the announcement of partial mobilization, left for the States. But the old savings are melting, as the singer has not given concerts for three years and refuses corporate parties. The entire financial part of stellar life is on Galkin.

– Yes, Maxim Galkin has tours abroad, but there he receives three times less than in Russia, – says concert promoter Sergey Lavrov. – Alla Borisovna herself also earned a lot over the years of her career. She was the most expensive artist, asking for a corporate performance of 350 thousand dollars. So far, none of the domestic stars have broken the records of her fees, but money tends to run out. There was talk that they going to sell their castle, but this has not been confirmed. But to maintain it is a heavy burden.

600 thousand per month – expenses for the castle

According to rumors, the construction of this palace took 10 million dollars.

According to rumors, the construction of this palace took 10 million dollars.

A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

According to the close circle of Pugacheva and Galkin, now a large staff of assistants is looking after their house – two security guards, a driver, a housekeeper, a gardener. And everyone has to pay a salary. Well, besides, the right hand of Pugacheva, her director Elena Chuprakova, remained in Russia. The singer herself has no plans to return to Russia yet. In any case, her friends did not hear anything about it.

The artist’s six-story castle is idle without owners.

– The mansion is located in the village of Gryaz near Moscow, – says Olga Shatova, an expert in real estate investment. – There is nothing in the castle: a Chinese-style spa area with a swimming pool and a sauna, two kitchens, in the basement – a club with a disco interior, which Pugacheva rebuilt already in the finished house as a gift to her husband. There is also a summer home theater for parties and a house for servants on the site. They say that Galkin spent 10 million dollars on the construction of the castle. But it is hardly possible now to sell this house for the same money. Maximum – for 2 million bucks. And then you have to find a buyer. The castle is decorated with monsters, inside there is a specific knightly interior in a medieval style – not everyone can live here … And the village itself is not elite, not guarded. An ordinary village with a tiny grocery store…

However, artists spend about 600 thousand rubles a month on the maintenance of the castle. This amount includes utility bills and employee salaries.

Alla Borisovna also has a three-story dacha (on a plot of 50 acres) on Istra, in the village of Malye Berezhki. Pugachev has not been there for a long time, in recent years her grandson Nikita Presnyakov lived in the house. But the singer is still the owner of this mansion, and about 200 thousand rubles a month are spent on maintaining the house. This is a “communal” and the salary of a housekeeper. Sometimes more comes out, because the mansion has a large swimming pool, which also needs to be looked after.

In Israel, spouses also have to spend money on everyday life – a housekeeper and two nannies for children. Only Israeli assistants cost Pugacheva and Galkin almost half a million rubles a month. And this is a lot of money even for such stars.

Let’s add here utility payments for apartments in the capital (in Filippovsky Lane, Novye Cheryomushki and Lubyanka) and the cost of maintaining star status … The family is clearly in the red.

Liquidated business

In September, Galkin liquidated his advertising agency MG Lab. It seems that this was a necessary measure, since the artist’s advertising business did not work out. Revenue for the past year amounted to 995 thousand rubles. But at the same time, the company was liquidated with a loss of 2 million rubles.

And in November, after leaving Russia, Alla Pugacheva herself began the liquidation of her main company ABP LLC. This is done by the director of the artist Elena Chuprakova. And although, compared to last year, the proceeds from Pugacheva’s activities decreased by 68 percent and amounted to 3.2 million rubles, the company did not go into minus.

Pugacheva, as a designer, developed a collection of shoes for a well-known brand and has been selling it for over 10 years. Despite the fact that Alla’s boots are not cheap (from 10 thousand rubles per pair), things sold well. Recently, the singer also began to produce jewelry, hats, scarves and gloves. And, of course, the activities of ABP LLC are connected with the stage career of Pugacheva. The artist’s company was engaged in the release of her songs, concerts, production and advertising projects.

Why did the star decide to liquidate its main business project?

– There may be several reasons. First – Pugacheva wants to open a business where she now lives, in Israel. The second possible reason is that the company is old, which means that there will be a tax audit soon, and the artist wants to avoid unnecessary questions. It is possible that the company will then be quietly opened under the same name … So I think that the liquidation is a business move, and not a farewell to Russia, – says lawyer Petr Areshev.

However, Pugacheva still has shares in two other companies – Song Theater LLC (since 2006, the singer has not been able to complete her theater in St. ). The rest of the business projects related to the training of young talents, the production of canned meat and bakery products, Pugacheva closed over the past three years.


Can deprive Israeli passport

In Israel, the star couple also lives restlessly. Recently, local figures raised the issue of the legality of spouses obtaining Israeli passports. Like, Galkin hid that he converted to Orthodoxy, and Pugacheva does not have Jewish roots at all.

“Even if the Israeli passports of Pugacheva and Galkin are canceled, the artists still have European citizenship, which they received with their children in 2018 by buying a house in Cyprus,” says producer Alina Krasnaya. – And it is possible that the singer will move to Jurmala for some time, where she often rested.

But for the artist who left the country, her former housekeeper Lyudmila Dorodnova, who has worked in Pugacheva’s house for more than 25 years, is worried about her.

– Alla left, but not from the country, but after her husband and children. She can’t leave them. For her, the family is the most important thing, – Lyudmila told KP.RU. – I am sure that Alla will return to Russia, she loves her homeland.


The Russians were offered to lend to the state

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