Alla Pugacheva tried to return Maxim Galkin * to Russia

Pugacheva tried to return Maxim Galkin to Russia

Pugacheva tried to return Maxim Galkin to Russia


Alla Pugacheva after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, together with their children Lisa and Harry and her husband Maxim Galkin* fled to Israel in a private jet. The prima donna at first claimed that there was no question of emigration. By September Alla Borisovna really returned with the children to Moscow and even took the twins to school. True, she stayed at home for less than a month. Then suddenly left Russia. And now the details of such a swift departure have appeared.

Turns out, Alla Pugacheva tried to return Maxim Galkin to Russia. “Alla Borisovna went around many offices. Even, according to rumors, she promised that there would be no more political posts on Maxim’s social networks,” a source in television circles said.

However, according to him, the television chiefs only shrugged their shoulders. “They say, even if we return Galkin, people won’t accept it“, – quotes the source

By the way, these rumors are confirmed in their TG channel and public figure Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky.

It is worth noting that the Russians are rather tired of the showman’s scandalous antics. So, during a speech in Dubai, he answered the chants of the Nazis and fascists, as if it were just “hello”. Not in a whisper and without taking the microphone to the side, but in full voice – loud and clear.

The people called the act of her husband Alla Borisovna vile, many admitted that shocked by what they heard. But Galkin does not care. “I was asked to be neutral, but how can I be neutral? ..” – the artist throws up his hands.

* The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Maxim Galkin in the list of individuals-foreign agents


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