Alla Pugacheva lost her place as the most popular Russian star

Philip Kirkorov.  Photo: Philip Kirkorov's archive

Philip Kirkorov. Photo: Philip Kirkorov’s archive

As part of the quarterly rating of influencers, the Romir research holding named 10 Russian opinion leaders in the Music category.

Previously, for several seasons in a row, the leader in the presented rating was confidently Alla Pugacheva remained. However, according to the results of the latest study, the prima donna dropped to fourth place.

First place this summer Philip Kirkorov. The king of the stage overtook many colleagues: Oleg Gazmanov, Sergei Shnurov, Nikolai Rastorguev and other famous musicians. In second place – Olga Buzova. Following the singing TV personality, Oleg Gazmanov closes the top three. The top 10 “most-most” musicians included Grigory Leps and Nikolay Baskov.

But Basta and Alisher Morgenstern (recognized as a foreign agent)according to the analysts of the center, the leading positions in the summer season lost

Recall: during a recent tour in the Crimea Philip Kirkorov visited the Russian military in the hospital, who are defending the honor of Russia in a special operation in Ukraine.

– On the day of my concert, I learned that our valiant warriors are undergoing rehabilitation here in Crimea, a feat that is simply priceless, – said Philip Kirkorov on his Crimean solo album. – I told myself that I must definitely look into the eyes of these guys who have passed through the worst, almost losing the most precious thing – life. I wanted to support them, invite them to my concert. Because while we sing there, entertain people, people eat ice cream, they give their lives for us.

After the visit of the artist, the servicemen shared their emotions with Komsomolskaya Pravda: “The emotions are positive. And gave gifts, allowed to be photographed. The person is very simple and responsive. It’s great that you came to visit us. At such moments, when you see support from people, you understand why we were there.”

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