All US wars: what territories were captured and annexed by America’s allies

Egypt sent troops to the Halaiba triangle

Egypt sent troops to the Halaiba triangle


In October, following the results of referendums, four regions of Novorossiya became part of Russia. The West responded to the reunification with predictable hysteria, almost all pro-American players rolled out carbon copy statements about “non-recognition”, “condemnation” and “rejection of annexation”. This snake word “foreign partners” refers to the accession to Russia of new entities.

The problem is that the annexations (real ones, without quotes – by right of force) have soiled themselves with key American partners. And nothing, Uncle Sam does not blow his mustache, do not quarrel with the allies because of geographic news. Moreover, you probably have not even heard of most of these cases – when it is not profitable for the world media to talk about something, they are bashfully silent. The US wars are no exception.


Let’s start with the exotic. Ask the readers: where is the “Halaib triangle” – they will not say. This is a remote area between Sudan and Egypt with an area of ​​​​20 thousand square kilometers (the area of ​​\u200b\u200ba country like Slovenia). Once, both states were de facto British colonies, and royal officials drew the border “skillfully” in order to lay a mine for further contradictions between the two peoples.

For a long time no one remembered the wild and sparsely populated “Halaib triangle”, but in modern times black gold was found there. Which in the future can be exported, because the disputed region has access to the Red Sea. Therefore, in 1995, when Sudan was torn apart by a civil war, Egypt took advantage of the weakness of its southern neighbor and sent troops into the “oil triangle”.

And … nothing happened, Egypt is considered the most important ally of the United States among non-NATO countries, from 1979 to 2003 this country received military support from the White House for $ 19 billion (most of these funds went to the purchase of American weapons, so Uncle Sam was not left for nothing ). Or from the latest, news from 2021: “The State Department announced the sale of missiles to Cairo in the amount of $197 million.” These are also US wars, albeit to a greater extent and economic ones.

Interestingly, Moscow, unlike Washington, recognizes the “Halaib Triangle” as part of Sudan – but it also successfully works with Egypt. This year, the construction of a nuclear power plant under our project began there. Because Russia adheres to reasonable pragmatism: we earn money, and what is there between Cairo and Khartoum is their business. In fact, the United States is doing exactly the same – just, unlike us, they pathetically call themselves “the leader of the free world, standing guard over democracy” – and sincerely do not understand why this very world, comparing words and deeds, only silently twists thumb at the temple.


Okay, the “Halaib Triangle” is in the middle of nowhere. But have you heard that a certain US ally annexed an entire country?

It’s about Western Sahara. This wilderness on the Atlantic coast of Africa was once a colony of Spain. But even earlier, local rulers were in vassal dependence on the Moroccan sultans. On what basis did Morocco send troops into this area in the 1970s. And still controls – or, according to some, occupies – 80% of the most “delicious” territories of Western Sahara.

The local population has a different opinion on this matter, they dream of independence, almost 60 states recognize Western Sahara as an independent state. In 1991, the UN (which was not yet an American puppet) decided to hold a referendum in the disputed territory. And… that’s it, the referendum has not been held – well, Morocco will not shoot itself in the foot.

In Spain, there are demonstrations for the freedom of Western Sahara.

In Spain, there are demonstrations for the freedom of Western Sahara.


But even that’s not the funniest thing. In 2020, President Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara. In other words, the US officially approved the annexation. Why? Leafing through overseas military-industrial magazines. “In 2009, Lockheed Martin was awarded an $842 million contract to supply 24 F-16s to Morocco.”

Or another detail: in Western Sahara, near the town of Bu-Kraa, there is one of the world’s largest phosphate deposits. These substances are used for the production of fertilizers. If there is no fertilizer, there will be no harvest. Probably, according to the Americans, it would be better if Bou-Kraa, in the light of the threat of world hunger, is in the hands of their partners than it is not clear from whom. The United States is waging its wars very cunningly.


Mediterranean Cyprus is somewhat similar to Ukraine, only small. One part of the inhabitants of the island has always looked to the East and was ethnically and religiously close to Turkey. And the other gravitated towards the West, towards Greece. In 1974, a civil war broke out on the island. Turkey sent troops to protect its compatriots and proclaimed its “proxy republic” in the north of Cyprus. Which still exists, not recognized by any player, with the exception of Ankara.

It worked once – why not do it again? In 2018, at the height of the civil war in Syria, the Turkish army entered the northwest of this country, occupied the 44,000-strong city of Afrin and the surrounding area. And you can’t dig – once it was part of the Ottoman Empire, and, according to some ethnographers, people close to the Turks live here. That is, the whole region of Syria has been essentially occupied for many years. Again, without any referendums and other democratic frills. “It’s different.” Turkey is the second most important NATO member after the United States, and no one will quarrel with it over such “little things”.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Arsen Tatar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Arsen Tatar


Food inflames the appetite – now Ankara wants to occupy border areas, for example, in neighboring Iraq, “for security purposes”. And he shouts at Greece – they say that the Greek islands somehow got too close to the sovereign territory of Turkey. And the West, of course, is silent while the US wars destroy a foreign country.


But the biggest elephant, as usual, brazenly tramples the flower beds right on your summer cottage – and you don’t notice this for decades. October 3 – just on the day of the annexation of the four regions of Novorossia – the world celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the unification of Germany.

This country, as you know, after World War II broke up into two parts along the borders of the Soviet and Anglo-American occupation zones: the FRG and the GDR. The latter quickly became an internationally recognized state with a powerful economy, army, currency and other trappings of sovereignty. But by the end of the 1980s, the socialist camp began to bend, and thousands of East Germans began to run for the “long mark” to the well-fed West.

In the spring of 1990, the first free elections in many decades were held in the GDR, in which the communists were defeated by the then “democrats” party. With a simple program “way to Europe.” After all, people thought that they would live well and count their salaries in foreign currency – no one explained to them that transnational corporations would partly buy up, and partly destroy factories in a country of 16 million people in order to strangle economic competitors.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of the unification of West and East Germany.

The fall of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of the unification of West and East Germany.


And with one stroke of the pen, all five lands of the former GDR became part of the FRG. Also without any referendum, in the course of behind-the-scenes negotiations between the United States, France, England and the pro-Western Gorbachev. Some experts believe that here we can talk about real annexation – capitalist Germany literally swallowed up the East, abolishing all its laws and institutions.

The former GDR even now, 32 years after the “October holiday”, lives poorer than the rich western lands. Many of its once industrialized zones are suffering from economic depression and depopulation. But no one is outraged by the “events of 1990”. That annexation – who needs an annexation, since the Soviet military bases were then removed from the center of Europe. For the sake of such a holiday, one can close one’s eyes to “doubtful from the point of view of democracy” procedures, right? These are the US wars.

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