All schools with bomb shelters plan to connect to Wi-Fi by September 1

In the next month, it is planned to provide up to 5,000 shelters in educational institutions with high-quality Internet.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov said this during a briefing “Wi-Fi in shelters by September 1,” an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“In the coming month, we plan to connect all schools that have bomb shelters to the Internet. By the beginning of the school year, we set a goal to equip at least 5,000 establishments with Wi-Fi. It all depends on the connection speed of the providers. For our part, we provide routers. We have already received 3.5 thousand routers from our partners, new batches are expected in the near future,” Fedorov emphasized.

According to him, the high level of high-quality Internet coverage of almost the entire territory of Ukraine will allow to fulfill the planned.

“We have a fairly high level of high-quality Internet coverage of Ukrainian schools. As part of the Internet Subvention project, over 6,000 social infrastructure facilities were connected to the Internet last year alone, 5,000 of which were schools. This also makes it possible to provide Internet to bomb shelters, because the schools themselves are already connected to it, ”Fyodorov said and added that in remote areas where there is no optical Internet yet, educational institutions will be able to receive Starlink terminals.

“Now we are working on getting another batch of Starlink. I think that we can provide some of them to those schools that are located in remote areas where there is no fixed Internet yet,” the minister said.

According to him, this year the process of digitalization of the educational process became possible, in particular, thanks to the measures introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What we have done in previous years is an important foundation so that we can get through this difficult period together and continue our education. Even during the COVID-19, we, together with the Ministry of Education, launched the All-Ukrainian School Online project. Since the beginning of the war, more than 110 thousand schoolchildren continue to study under this project, and this is several million views per year from more than 100 countries of the world,” the minister emphasized.

The project “Diya. Digital Light”, thanks to which more than 50 thousand teachers have already been able to master the skills of teaching online.

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“Thus, now we are faced with another very important task – to provide all shelters with the Internet so that during the air raid, children have the opportunity to continue their education. And in general they were in touch, ”Fyodorov emphasized.

As reported, almost 70% of Kyivans, according to preliminary data from a survey that continues in educational institutions, have chosen full-time education for their children at school since September 1. According to preliminary estimates, as of September 1, about 20% of the capital’s schoolchildren will be abroad. Those educational institutions where there is neither a shelter that would meet all the requirements, nor a safe place near the school where children can be quickly transferred in the event of an air raid, will not be able to start full-time education.

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