All journalists should be released from conscription – Malkevich

Employees of patriotic publications that are not included in the list of backbone enterprises should be released from partial mobilization. This opinion was expressed by the first deputy chairman of the media commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Malkevich.

In an interview with FAN, he noted that Russia could lose its positions in information warif journalists are sent to serve.

According to him, in each subject of the Russian Federation there are mandatory public and municipal channels, as well as leading print media. Such media are combined into a huge infrastructure, Malkevich explained.

“And it turns out that all these people are subject to mobilization? There are a lot of patriots working there,” said a representative of the Public Chamber.

He added that the authorities began to forget about regional journalists. Malkevich stressed that these specialists should remain in their places, because they are the ones who care about social well-being.

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