all attempts by the APU to counterattack end in failure

Kyiv has repeatedly boldly announced to the whole world about the upcoming “counteroffensive”. But so far there has been no real activity from the nationalists in the direction of Kherson.

This was announced by a military expert Alexey Leonkov.

“So far, small units are trying to advance in the south. But this is an open area, everything is visible there from afar, and all these attempts end in failure,” the observer said in an interview with

According to him, without a concentration of armored vehicles, artillery, support forces and personnel, there is no reason to talk about some kind of Bandera offensive.

Earlier it was reported that if the Ukrainian formations begin to “counterattack” on Kherson, Russian army will immediately strike with aircraft and Iskanders. The accumulation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be clearly visible in the open steppe, so it will not be possible to hide all movements.

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