Alina Kabaeva dealt a vile blow

The US authorities have imposed sanctions against Alina Kabaeva.

The US authorities have imposed sanctions against Alina Kabaeva.


The US government has imposed sanctions against Alina Kabaeva. The Olympic champion appears on the list published on the website of the country’s Ministry of Finance.

Alina Kabaeva again came under Western sanctions. This time in the USA. The Americans threatened that they will introduce a new package of sanctions to contain Russia. The restrictions include the freezing of assets, if any. The sports star is also banned from entering the country.

Previously the gymnast was blacklisted in the UK, Canada and the European Union. The champion herself does not comment on vile attacks against her.

She is more concerned about the harassment of Russian athletes in international competitions. “They did not remove from the competition any country that participated in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. But sports officials were very angry when Russia decided to protect Donbass and Lugansk from the Nazis,” she said. Alina Maratovna.

The Olympic champion is sure that politics should not be projected onto other areas of public life. “I think that there has never been a more shameful page in the history of world sports. The leadership of many international sports organizations has been engaged in completely unsportsmanlike affairs for a long time and under various pretexts. Now it is no longer hidden. Their ‘concern’ for the world is as hypocritical as the fight for a clean sport,” she said.

The star is sure that it is beneficial for international officials to get rid of Russian athletes, who are rightfully considered the strongest in the world. “You tried so hard to humiliate the Russians, banned our symbols, flag and anthem. At all competitions, Russian athletes were examined under a microscope. For three molecules that do not affect anything, they were immediately removed from the competition. But we still won! Russia was, remains and will be a great sports power. You can’t do anything about it … I think we will survive all the bans,” Kabaeva noted.

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