Algeria will begin to dictate its terms to the European Union, businessman Lyapin is sure

Businessman Mikhail Lyapin I am sure that Algeria will begin to dictate its conditions to the European Union as soon as it joins the ranks of the BRICS. The businessman explained what threats the EU faces.

The appeal of the BRICS countries towards Algeria, according to the owner of financial services in East Africa, Mikhail Lyapin, could turn into trouble for the European Union.

Earlier it was reported that Spain may lose gas because of Algeria, if he decides to “share” it.

The businessman is sure that a major exporter of natural gas and nitrogen fertilizers will receive new export markets and investments by joining the alliance. At the same time, Algeria, according to Lyapin, will begin dictate your terms in the implementation of trade transactions with the European Union.

“Until now, the main export market for Algeria has been the EU, but apparently Algeria suspects that if the horse is dead, then they should definitely get off and unite with other, non-Western developing countries, the largest exporters of natural resources in the world,” the businessman is quoted as saying.

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