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Photo: Press service of Alfa-Bank

Photo: Press service of Alfa-Bank

We are talking about entrepreneurs who can try various banking services, including those that ensure business security. And for this it is not necessary to be a client, open an account or meet with a bank representative.

– We are all individuals, so we are used to testing everything before making a purchase. For example, when choosing a car, we conduct a test drive. And choosing the best products, we taste them. So we decided to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to taste our best services and solutions for business, – He speaks Denis Osin, director of small and micro business at Alfa-Bank.

Entrepreneurs can use a set of services, such as “Verification of Supervisory Authorities”, “Verification of Employees” and “Risk Indicator”. The bank will help to check the reliability of employees and reduce the risks of hiring. Also, the business will be informed in advance about any scheduled or unscheduled inspections by supervisory authorities.

By the way, this is know-how in the market – the bank monitors and notifies about checks using direct integration with government services. And the “Risk Indicator” will track changes in legislation and prevent the risks of blocking the Internet bank and cards. In the future, the range of services will expand.

At the same time, the business will immediately be credited with welcome points of the loyalty program, which are activated when the account starts working. You can spend bonuses at your own discretion: just withdraw money, pay for a business service package, exchange it for equipment, taxi rides, mobile Internet and for other purposes.

By the way, the use of services provides additional benefits to entrepreneurs who decide to open an account based on the results of a test drive. As a result, after registration, customers can save up to 30 thousand rubles. Alfa-Bank services for business are available online, including the possibility of opening an account completely remotely.

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