Alexander Sapozhnikov, ex-mayor of Chita – from the NVO zone: We feel confident. Okay, hands are itchy

The former mayor of Chita, Alexander Sapozhnikov, went to the NVO zone as a volunteer.

The former mayor of Chita, Alexander Sapozhnikov, went to the NVO zone as a volunteer.

… – Alexander Mikhailovich, we are still trying to closely monitor Alexander Sapozhnikov, the former head of the Chita Administration, who has been in the war zone for three weeks already … You probably have more information. How is he, where (what can I say), how does he feel, what is he doing now?

– We all have limited information, because – these are the conditions and services, and – the procedure for conducting a special operation.

I managed to talk with Alexander Mikhailovich, but very briefly.

He feels great, his mood is good, cheerful. This is what I want to draw attention to.

How many times have I met with him and his fellow soldiers before, all the fighters are in such a surprisingly calm state, they are very self-possessed, solid.

It is immediately clear that their life has “rebooted” and there are other life priorities.

And yet – they are very focused not on themselves, not on their comfort, maybe on selfishness or something else.

They are aimed, first of all, at achieving Victory.

This is a very good state of mind.

From the point of view of basic military affairs, everything is in order, according to Sapozhnikov.

We carry out all the tasks, he says, we feel absolutely confident, well, in a good way – our hands itch.

– That’s his line, right?

– He once said that they have such a good “hunger” for military operations. That is, to restore justice, to punish the Ukronazis – they have this determination.

With equipment, with food – he says: everything is just very good.

– Tell me, please, what does Sapozhnikov do at the forefront? He is still a combat paratrooper, he served in the army for 13 years, was wounded.

– Alexander, again, very briefly said that they are where military operations are being carried out, but not of an intensive nature.

But they already worked there, in general, everything is in order. They’ve had several of these before…

– It is clear what he means by work.

– There’s a whole big unit, as I understand it.

– What position Sapozhnikov occupies, did not say anything?

– No, he is silent about the details.

– Alexander Mikhailovich told me that he, as a senior warrant officer, was called up, and that he was about to be awarded the rank of lieutenant. Did new shoulder straps come or not?

I didn’t ask, unfortunately.

– Will get in touch again – both from our readers, radio listeners, and from me, as from Transbaikal in the past, please tell him hello.

– Yes, definitely.

– Okay, let’s wait for good news.

– Thank you for your attention.

– And you. Good luck. Happily.


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