Alexander Samoilenko: I always dreamed of playing in a fairy tale

Actor Alexander Samoylenko.

Actor Alexander Samoylenko.

A photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

Admit it, you want fairy tales, magical adventures, the feeling of childhood. And the creators of the film took up the fulfillment of this desire. Chuk and Gek. Big Adventure”, hitting theaters on December 22. This story is about two boys who see only miracle and heroism in the life of adults. old story Arkady Gaidar turned into a bright Christmas story, with a beautiful picture and interesting twists.

We spoke with Alexander Samoylenkowho played one of the roles in this film.

I will be a coachman

– Alexander, have you already seen the movie?

– No, and this is probably fortunate, because I have to have fun with everyone in the cinema. I really liked the trailer, it’s a real fairy tale! As a child, I loved that old black-and-white film Chuk and Huck, but there was more of a film adaptation. And now it’s a fabulous adventure. I always dreamed and still dream of acting in fairy tales, I think that this is one of the best genres for an artist, and I also want to voice cartoons.

– Arkady Gaidar was a correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda, which makes him even more dear to us. But still, doesn’t it seem strange to you that a film based on a 1939 story is coming out in 2022?

– But it is so. I got a call from the wonderful Sasha Kott, the director of this film, and I had no choice: “Sanya, what questions, of course, will I shoot.” I didn’t even ask what role, for a hero-lover, my age is not the same. The role of Chuck and Huck’s father went to Vladimir Vdovichenkov, which I am very happy about. And I enjoyed playing the coachman. First of all, this is a fairy tale, this is fantasy. I would say that this is a fantasy about that time. But I think it will be interesting, because the issues raised are very close to any person, and today’s child too. This is a fairy tale about love, about friendship, about faith in miracles.

– Gaidar wrote “Chuk and Gek” as a recollection of pre-revolutionary Christmas stories. Did you love this story as a child?

– I was closer to his other works, I was madly in love with the story “Timur and his team.” And I was brought up on this book. And I really liked the films – both old and modern, where Anton Tabakov played. And in the film “The Tale of the Malchish-Kibalchish” Sergey Tikhonov played brilliantly, who later, unfortunately, died tragically. As they said, he was just a God-gifted artist.

What fairy tale films did you like?

– This is one of the most beautiful memories of my childhood. My grandmother occupied a rather prominent post, at one time she was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR. And I was happy that I had the opportunity to come to the Christmas tree in the Supreme Council. There, the performance itself and the gifts were amazing, but the biggest gift for me was the premiere of children’s films by Alexander Row. I adore all his fairy tales, and then I could boast at school, because none of my friends had seen these films yet. It seems to me that these fairy tales are even cooler than modern Disney ones, I always showed them to all my children.

Twice in the same river

– You starred in the film “Daddy’s Daughters”, which for some generations replaced the fairy tale. Do you know what the sequel will be?

– Heard about it, my agent told me about six months ago. Then I answered: well, let’s read the script. For example, it seems to me that “Daddy’s Daughters” lost a lot when they began to shoot on location. After all, this is a sitcom, and when a sitcom is taken out into the street, it is always very difficult, you have to play differently, shoot differently.

And now information about the shooting has gone again, but no one called me, so I don’t know, I don’t know anything, I didn’t read anything. From my point of view, the idea to revive the project is not the best. To enter the same good river, oh, how dangerous.

– When this series came out, did all the stars come together to make it so popular?

– Yes! And I really did not want to act in “Daddy’s Daughters.” First, I was approved for the role of dad. I refused. They said that it would be necessary to work 25 days a month, and I said that I was too lazy, I could not stand it all. Thank God that they found Andryushka (Leonova – author). And then they gave me a small role there. In the first days of shooting, I walked around and said: guys, this is a failure, this is terrible, I will be ashamed … But it turned out, no, not at all ashamed. And it turned out, oddly enough, even funny.

– Why do you think it happened then?

– So there was nothing around, and it was some kind of good product, although we are there and mock each other. To repeat all this, it seems to me, is pointless. Today, everything is much cooler. What for? Well I do not know.

– I will ask you not as an actor, but as a producer. When they start making remakes of the famous Soviet films “Gentlemen of Fortune”, “Prisoner of the Caucasus” – how do you like it?

– Terrible, from my point of view. There has not been a single remake that was better than the original, or even as successful.

– Since Gaidar was mentioned in the cinema, does it mean that modern children’s authors are not doing very well?

– My daughter is 3.5 years old. And the wife mostly buys old authors – Chukovsky, Marshak, Barto, Mikhalkov. Surely there are modern writers, but they, apparently, are not so hyped that everyone knows about them.

I don’t like looking at myself.

– You have many wonderful roles, but Salyut-7 is a separate story, a rare case when a film about a great past was a success and you want to watch it. How do you feel about this work?

I can talk about this movie for a long time. I think that for me this is the best film, and Klim (Shipenko – author) is the best director with whom I have worked. Initially, my role was there a little bit, and then, when I already arrived at the shooting, I re-read the script and was shocked. Because I have there virtually the main role. I come to Klim, and he says, well, you asked me for the main role – here, get it. For Klim, this was a monstrously difficult job, many factors had to be taken into account. In addition, the astronauts themselves forbade calling the heroes by their last names. As they say, basically Dzhanibekov was against it. Then, when we were at the premiere, in the Kremlin, and I talked to him, he, of course, is an amazingly interesting person. I ask – did you like it? He says yes, I liked it. That is, the astronauts also accepted this film.

– Films with your participation with what feeling do you review?

– I don’t like looking at myself. I hate. It’s just monstrous… But there are two films that I’m definitely not ashamed of – it’s “Salyut-7” and the TV series “Deathbreakers”, which was shot by my partner, David Kibuchava. It seemed to me that we shot a very truthful, very good, very watchable movie.

– I think you’re being hard on yourself.

– No, not strict. There are many actors who cannot look at themselves.

Prohibit wisely

– Now any film can cause resentment, protests. Here, for example, the series “Monastery” …

– You see, everything connected with the church is a taboo topic. I haven’t watched the series yet, but I know that blogger Nastya Ivleeva is filming there – a beautiful, beautiful girl. But it seems to me that this is like Olga Buzova on the theater stage, a little bit wrong. Just like KVN players who play in the movies. The profession is leveled a little. I understand that there are many actors who came and work without a profession and, probably, it should be so, but this confuses me a little. But maybe I’m wrong, I’m being too picky…

– What do you think about the regular bans of films for various reasons?

– It seems to me that this is self-promotion to a greater extent. For all. Especially for deputies. He blurted out, sorry, something and immediately everyone heard. This is the only way I can relate to it. I watched the film The Death of Stalin, which was banned and talked about so much. So there is nothing special. And why was it banned? It is also necessary to ban wisely. Should LGBT propaganda be banned? Probably should. But like any propaganda in art.

– The New Year is coming soon, can you name your favorite New Year films?

– “The Irony of Fate” is an amazing New Year’s film. The same Carnival Night. I love a lot of American good films. Sometimes right before the New Year, in order to create an atmosphere of inner miracle, I review some films. For example, Home Alone. Our films – I adore Office Romance and Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears. There are so many films that I am ready to watch him endlessly.

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