Alexander Revva, latest news: where did he disappear and why did he leave his own father

Judging by the beeps, Alexander Revva is currently in Russia

Judging by the beeps, Alexander Revva is currently in Russia

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Where Alexander Revva disappeared – fans have been asking this question for more than a month. After the showman condemned the special operation at the end of February, there is a lull in his social networks with 10 million subscribers. However, today this silence was suddenly interrupted by blogger Alena Zhigalova. On her YouTube channel, she stated with an authoritative air that Revva “ran away to Spain.” Allegedly, his accounts are blocked, the property is arrested, and indeed, the former Alexander Revva, who blew up the dance floors with funny hits about an alcoholic and a chick, is no more: “he lost everything.”

Is this really so, or another Internet chatter, the site decided to ask the showman himself. It turned out to be not so easy to get through to him: either the phone is turned off, or the subscriber drops the call. However, judging by the beeps, Alexander Revva is currently in Russia.

An attempt to communicate with the director of the star turned out to be just as unsuccessful: no one picked up the call to But we managed to get through to the father of the star, Vladimir Revva: he still lives in Donetsk, where his comedian son was born and raised.

– What are you? – Vladimir Nikolaevich was surprised at the unpleasant news. – Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny. After all, when I found out about his behavior, I called him a little – my son and I quarreled and did not communicate anymore. He, along with Meladze, participated in this gathering, which opposed the special operation in Ukraine … So with my granddaughters (Alexander has two daughters growing up), I don’t communicate, unfortunately, only from my daughter – you know that Sasha and her sister Natasha are twins?

According to Revva Sr., his relationship with his famous son has deteriorated for a long time.

“When the war began in Donbass in 2014, he never came here – I last saw Sasha in 2013,” the celebrity father continued. – Leps performed with us, many other artists, and the son never appeared in his native Donetsk. Why? Everything is simple. The fact is that Sasha went to Ukraine, where he had a best friend – such Vladimir Zelensky, have you heard? And my son told me: “If I go to my homeland, they won’t let me into Ukraine.” But he repeatedly sang there, the last time already under Zelensky, it seems, at the end of last year.

The father does not dare to call his son – he is waiting for a call from him.

– Of course, I would like everything to work out, – Vladimir Revva admitted to – But I think my son was offended by me. He does not help me, and why? I work (the showman’s father is a mathematician, professor and teacher at the university), somehow I live. Eight years they butt us, but we endure … You know, recently I saw that Sashka performed in the Morning Post with Nikolai Baskov. So, he was already forgiven, probably, what do you think? Maybe he is not such a traitor, as they say, not such a delinquent ..?


Emigration denied

According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the wife of the artist Angelica Revva, actor, singer and humorist Alexander Revva did not move to Spain from Russia.

Nobody has moved anywhere. We do not comment, – said the interlocutor of the agency.

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