Alexander Revva, latest news: what citizenship, how much does he earn in Russia

Ukrainian concerts for Alexander Revva were rather an outlet - the showman earned in Russia

Ukrainian concerts for Alexander Revva were rather an outlet – the showman earned in Russia

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The emigration of Alexander Revva – real or fictional – has become one of the main news of the outgoing week. While the spiteful critics spread rumors about the showman’s move to Spain and his plight, he himself stubbornly remains silent. However, curious stories instead of Alexander Revva, his father Vladimir Nikolaevich, who still lives in Donetsk, the homeland of the Comedy Club star, told. They say that the famous son has not appeared in his native land since 2013, so as not to spoil relations with “his friend Vladimir Zelensky” and continue to perform in Ukraine.

However, Ukrainian concerts for Alexander Revva, aka Arthur Pirozhkov, were rather an outlet – the showman earned in Russia. And he made very good money, having, in addition to concerts and corporate parties, several business projects at once.

So, the most successful company of Alexander Revva is Voice Media LLC, which since 2010 has been producing films, clips and television programs. Here the artist is the only owner: he owns 100% of the business. As can be seen from the financial statements, in 2016 the company began to earn money and since then it has been feeling quite confident. Last year alone, Voice Media earned 106 million rubles (of which net profit was 89 million). By the way, it was through this firm that state contracts were concluded for the performances of Alexander Revva. Judging by the State Procurement website, the showman received 3.5 million rubles from the state at various times – these are fees for a concert program.

In addition, Alexander Revva has a second company with a similar name – Voice Media Production, which deals with music content. Last year, the company also finished in the black – with a revenue of 18 million rubles (of which 12 million – net profit). And here Alexander Revva also owns everything alone.

In addition, according to, on June 23, 2022, the showman registered his own IP in Moscow, indicating that he would be engaged in performing arts (this is a traditional activity for business stars). Thus, the showman is going to continue to work and earn money in Russia. Meanwhile, as can be seen from the documents, Oleksandr Revva’s citizenship is still Ukrainian.


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