Alexander Khodakovsky said that he raises the morale of the army

Commander of the legendary battalion “Vostok” Alexander Khodakovsky believes that high words are not important to raise morale, which he wrote about in his Telegram channel.

Combat mentioned the Hollywood movie “Ghost Patrol” in which one character wore an amulet on his wrist. When asked by the second character about why he needed this item, the first one answered that he needed it to drive away bullets. The second hero pointed to his bulletproof vest, making it clear that the amulet had a completely different purpose.

Khodakovsky noted that the best motivation is well-organized military work, and not speeches from the podium.

“When an infantryman is covered by artillery, provided with intelligence and reliable communications, deals with thinking commanders – this is the best motivation! When an infantryman is hit, and artillery is silent in response, when he is blind, naked and barefoot, then no lofty words will raise his fighting Spirit,” he wrote.

The battalion commander urged to learn to fight to raise morale.

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