Alexander Bastrykin summed up the results of the year: why the mobilized did not have enough uniforms and the rating of the most stealing corrupt officials

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On the eve of the Day of the formation of the Investigative Committee of Russia (celebrated on January 15) Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin held an operational meeting of the headquarters in Donetsk, and then gave an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. We will cite from it the materials of criminal cases and the figures about which told head SC Russia.


“Managed bring 82 thousand criminal cases to court against more than 92,000 defendants. According to the cases investigated, damage was established in the amount of almost 400 billion rubles. Thanks to our investigators, more than 247 billion rubles were reimbursed and the property of the accused was seized in the amount of 123.5 billion rubles (data for 11 months of 2022). In this way, we contributed to repairing 93% of the damage caused by crimes. In absolute terms, the results of work on reparation for victims are twice as high as last year’s figures.”


“Since 2014, 2,406 criminal cases have been initiated, of which 1,752 cases are related to shelling of the territories of the DPR and LPR. According to the investigation, as a result of the criminal actions of the Ukrainian side, at least 13.7 thousand residents of Donbass suffered in 8 years. Of these, 4.9 thousand were killed and 8.8 thousand were injured.. More than 120,000 residents of Donbass have been recognized as victims in cases under investigation. Criminal prosecution is carried out against 665 persons. Decisions were issued to bring 390 persons as defendants, 178 of them in person. Among the defendants there are 115 persons from among the commanders and leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. 132 defendants were arrested in absentia. An investigation has been completed in 138 criminal cases on the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare by military personnel of the VFU, as well as ill-treatment of the civilian population and prisoners of war.”


“In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the Investigative Committee has been allocated additional staffing. Structures and staffing of investigative departments in the indicated territories were approved in the amount of 853 units. They are currently being completed. For this, a reserve of 500 people has already been formed. It included not only current, but also former employees of the department, employees of the prosecutor’s offices of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, who wished to serve in the Investigative Committee of Russia.


“At the moment, we see an increase in migrant crime. In 2022 law enforcement agencies over 36,000 crimes committed by them have been investigated, which is 10% more than in 2021. At the same time, a significant part of them are grave and especially grave crimes, in particular, murders, rapes. These issues are systematically discussed at meetings under the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. The Investigative Committee has long been talking about the need to introduce mandatory genomic registration of all foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation. With this in mind, we need to return to our proposal, but, of course, taking into account the comparison of the financial costs of genomic registration with the costs of identifying suspects in the commission of crimes. After all, the practice of investigating criminal cases committed in conditions of non-obviousness shows that a significant part of such crimes is solved precisely thanks to molecular genetic research. Along with this, it is advisable to work out the issue of codifying migration legislation.”


“By acquiring Russian citizenship, these people (former migrants – ed. note) receive not only rights, but also duties that are established by the current legislation. One of them is the passage of military service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in accordance with the requirements. Under the conditions of a special military operation, the state encourages foreign citizens to enter military service under a contract, providing the opportunity to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. Statistics show that foreigners are massively receiving Russian citizenship, bypassing military service. Over the past five years, it was purchased by more than a million people who arrived from the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, including 550 thousand former residents of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In the first half of 2022 alone, more than 60,000 adult citizens of these states received Russian citizenship, and, consequently, not only the rights, but also the constitutional obligation to protect the country that adopted them. In this regard, it is advisable to consider the issue of sending naturalized citizens as a priority to participate in the fulfillment of the tasks of a special military operation.”


“For 11 months of 2022, the property of those accused in cases of corruption has already been arrested in the amount of 61 billion rubles.”

“In the case of the former Governor of the Penza Region Belozertsev and other persons, the property of the accused was seized for a total amount of more than 1.8 billion rubles. In particular, on the property of Belozertsev – in the amount of 470 million rubles, including expensive watches, luxury goods and 61 real estate objects registered to his relatives, on the property of bribers with a total value of 1.2 billion rubles in the form of real estate objects, jewelry and more than 3 5 thousand rare works of printing and painting.

“The Main Investigation Department for the city of Moscow is investigating a criminal case against the directors of two organizations: OOO RPK-Spetsproekt and FSUE GosZMP. They are charged with embezzlement during the execution of a state contract for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production for the production of new dosage forms of socially significant drugs. According to him, property worth more than 1 billion rubles was seized.

Another case – in relation to the traffic police officers in the North-East Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow, apartments, about 30 buildings, more than 10 land plots, in Moscow and other regions, as well as in Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, cars, bills , bank cells. The value of this property is more than 500 million rubles.”

“According to the investigation, Anatoly Tikhonov (former Deputy Minister of Energy) received bribes totaling more than 122 million rubles, and embezzled more than 271 million rubles allocated to create a state information system for the fuel and energy complex.”


“The preliminary investigation in a criminal case has been completed, in which 6 people are accused of stealing from the storage facilities of military units and institutions located in St. Petersburg and the Moscow Region, a total of 80 items of clothing worth more than 44.5 million rubles. Three defendants entered into pre-trial agreements on cooperation and the criminal case against them was transferred for a decision on sending to court, three more continue to familiarize themselves with the materials. There are other criminal cases initiated by the investigators on the facts of theft of military property, but the investigation on them has not yet been completed.”


“For 11 months of 2022, 5665 crimes of past years were solved, including more than 800 murders. This is the result of the painstaking work of forensic services and investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee. In particular, with the assistance of forensic divisions in the Republic of Tatarstan, work was carried out on a criminal case against members of the Tukaevsky gang involved in the murders in Moscow and Kazan in 1993-2002. As a result, one of the leaders of this gang was identified; he is currently in custody. The case will soon go to court. Also, during the provision of practical assistance by the forensic specialists of the central apparatus in this criminal case, two crimes were uncovered committed by members of the Tukaevsky gang in the cities of Moscow and Cheboksary in the early 2000s.

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