Alert for landslide in Usaquén that could end in tragedy

The entities were present in Santa Cecilia (Usaquén) to learn about the facts derived from the winter emergency.  (IDIGER)
The entities were present in Santa Cecilia (Usaquén) to learn about the facts derived from the winter emergency. (IDIGER)

After the landslide that occurred on January 11 in the town of Usaquén, which left six families affected and hundreds of citizens in suspense for what could happen to them, this January 12 the councilor of the Liberal Party Samir Abisambra He spoke out in front of all the houses that are at risk of collapse.

In this sense, the councilor was clear in noting that these mass removals can end in tragedy if the district does not attend to them in a timely manner, a call that it has been making for more than a year, and with greater intensity since the winter emergency began during the last quarter of 2022.

In fact, since the beginning of 2022, the then president of the Council asked the Mayor of Bogotá for the intervention of the third raceand through a political control debate, managed to manage the intervention in one of the points of greatest risk, but according to him Neither the Local Mayor’s Office nor the Idiger have had the resources to attend to the others.

“For some time I have been working with the community of Santa Cecilia and Cerro Norte, in the town of Usaquén, to solve the problem that has been occurring with landslides and the imminent risk in which the community finds itself. who inhabits this area of ​​Bogotá. We hope that the District Administration will give you a quick definitive solution so that a tragedy like the one that occurred on the Calera road does not occur,” said councilor Abisambra on January 12.

Given this situation of mass removal in this area of ​​the city, which usually occurs in different parts of the city when there is excessive rainfall, the district entities took stock of the actions that were carried out in the last 24 hours in Saint Cecilia, and there are five in the short, medium and long term that Idiger shared with Infobae.

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So, in addition to the presence in the territory, where they have followed up on the situation presented to find out the facts derived from the winter emergency, in order to address the complaints of the community and safeguard the physical integrity and needs of citizens:

  1. The District Secretary of Habitat, in 2019, contracted the construction of nine neighborhood roads, with the objective of improving the Santa Cecilia sector of the town of Usaquén, which were delivered in December 2020.
  2. After a year and a half of the delivery of the aforementioned work, it was learned that in the southern end of this area, the illegal construction of a concrete plate for the development of private activities was carried out on the road. Said slab was made without the authorization of the District and without having previous studies of stabilization of the land, which could possibly be generating a displacement of the soil due to the loads generated in said area.
  3. Once the situation of the landslide located in Santa Cecilia was known, the entities of the District activated the alerts and preventive actions to safeguard the physical integrity of the inhabitants of this sector.
  4. In the land that could be affected by this landslide, there are nine houses to which the Idiger has suggested evacuatingin accordance with what is specified in the technical concepts, DI-17346, DI-18028, and in various visits they have been offered alternatives to guarantee their safe exit.
  5. On behalf of the Enel company, The affected pole has already been removed and the works on the infrastructure have been advanced to guarantee the continuity of the service of electric power.

Finally, the entity indicated that it will continue to encourage households that are at risk to evacuate and work with the Habitat Secretariat to have a emergency offer. Likewise, it will issue the technical concept to determine the risk generated by the plate built by individuals and will evaluate its removal.

“Once the technical concept is issued, the local Mayor’s Office will carry out the removal of the plate and the recovery of the public space, as well as the isolation actions. And finally, IDIGER will carry out the studies and designs for stabilization actions in the sector”, concluded the entity.

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