Alekhin told who Russia is most successful in hunting near Kharkov

The problem with the shelling of Russian territory, in particular, the Belgorod region, is that sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are still operating north and northeast of Kharkov in the “gray zone”.

They use nomadic mortars and guns. This was announced by a retired colonel, a military expert Gennady Alekhin.

According to him, these DRGs are now being hunted.

“Intense shelling from the side of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is going on at the places of concentration, command and strongholds in the area of ​​Stary Saltov and Chuguev. The headquarters was destroyed there, a platoon of MLRS was destroyed there, several rocket launchers were destroyed,” the analyst said in an interview with .

He noted that behind the publicized MLRS HIMARS and a real hunt began with new artillery. And the Russian special forces play a big role here, which finds out where the enemy’s firing positions and its warehouses are.

There are results, and in the future there will be more of these results, summed up Alekhin.

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