Alejandra del Moral celebrated the PRI, PAN and PRD coalition for Edomex: “We are aware of what is at stake”

Del Moral will register before his party one day before the start of the pre-campaign [Foto: @AlejandraDMV/Twitter]
Del Moral will register before his party one day before the start of the pre-campaign [Foto: @AlejandraDMV/Twitter]

The CCoordinator for the Defense of the State of Mexico of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandra del Moral Vela reported that on January 17 it will register to renew the governorship of the Edomex, to be able to start with his pre-campaign a day later. This after the national leaderships of PRI, PAN and PRD announce the creation of the coalition going through mexico.

Within the agreements made by the parties, there is the responsibility of the tricolor party to define the candidates in Coahuila and State of Mexicobeing Del Moral Sailing the one chosen for said task in Mexican territory. The standard bearer of PRI He mentioned that he will register with his party on January 17 to begin his pre-campaign a day later, which will culminate on February 12 with the Delegates Conventionas stated in the call.

“Political maturity and love for the State of Mexico allowed the creation of the Va por México Coalition between the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the National Action Party (PAN) and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), which is made up of women and men willing to work for the entity” were the words of the pre-candidate Alejandra del Moral.

The PRI will be in charge of selecting the pre-candidates for Coahuila and Edoméx [Foto: @AlejandraDMV/Twitter]
The PRI will be in charge of selecting the pre-candidates for Coahuila and Edoméx [Foto: @AlejandraDMV/Twitter]

The Coordinator for the Defense of Edoméx He mentioned that they not only seek to be an electoral coalition, but that they want to generate a change in the Mexican citizenship, stressing that they are part of the first coalition government in the state of Durango. “We are aware that what is at stake goes beyond a personal interest, I greatly appreciate Enrique Vargas and Omar Ortega for their commitment, for the maturity and love they have for the State of Mexico, which is what the here today,” added Del Moral.

Both pre-candidates resigned to give way to the PRI based on the agreements that were reached in the coalition. “Convinced of the importance for the State of Mexico and for the country of consolidating an agreement of this magnitude, on this occasion I have made the decision not to participate in the selection process of candidates for the governorship of the State of Mexico,” Vargas del Villar said in a tweet.

This wayAlejandra del Moral will be an opponent of Delfina Gomezcandidate for Brunette for the government of Edoméx. “This campaign and this pre-campaign is for the brave,” commented the Defense Coordinator during an interview after the announcement of her election as a pre-candidate.

On January 5, Mario Delgadoparty president National Regeneration Movement (Morena) announced that she wasfiled a formal complaint with the Electoral Institute of the State of Mexico (IEEM) for the more than 300 billboards and the 200 outdoor advertisements on public transport where the PRI member Alejandra del Moral appears, in what they called an anticipated campaign act.

Within the published recording, it was noted that the cost of the advertisements was estimated at more than 30 million pesos, which would exceed the budget ceiling established for that phase. He claimed that the advertising must be withdrawn immediately by the IEEM, who must account for the budget that was used to find out how much the PRI will have for the real contest.

Although the pre-candidate is not announced directly, it is seen on the cover of the magazine that, according to the investigations that have been carried out, does not exist.


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