Ale Venturo shows that he has a good relationship with Melissa Paredes and ‘likes’ her photo

Ale Venturo and Melissa Paredes.  (instagram)
Ale Venturo and Melissa Paredes. (instagram)

The relationship of enmity that once existed between Melissa Paredes Y Rodrigo Cuba it seems to have ended for the well-being of the little daughter they have in common.

This was reflected when both decided to get together to celebrate the minor’s fifth birthday, they even shared images in their respective social networks in which they appear next to their daughter.

Also, for the program ‘Love and Fire’ it was known that Ale Venturo Y Anthony Arandathe couple of the media characters, were also at this birthday party.

Since then, speculation began Melissa Paredes and the businesswoman had a good relationship, in addition to being caught walking together while their daughters shared fun moments.

It is so that Halloween arrived, the model and Ale Venturo They decided to share together and went trick-or-treating with their little ones. They were also at that time Rodrigo Cuba Y Anthony Arandaeven though they don’t go out together.

About this time, the member of ‘The big show’ He shared several images of what this holiday was like on his Instagram account, where Ale Venturo surprisingly “liked” the publication.

The comments from netizens were immediate and the portal ‘Instarandula’ made some of them public. “That Madrigal family is terrible,” was what he said Samuel Suarez about.

Recall that a few days ago Melissa Paredes responded to the criticism she received for having a friendship with Ale Venturo, indicating that her little girl’s well-being was above anything else.

“As long as there is a reason and a motive as important as there is, we have to continue like this for that reason and nothing for the future. I think that if we start to think that it is not and that it is strange that this is not done or that it is done, look, you know what? Look, it is not what is done or not and each family is as it is, period, ”she pointed out to the cameras of ‘America Shows’.

Ale Venturo.  (Instarandula)
Ale Venturo. (Instarandula)


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