Alcohol independence: five steps to a sober outlook on life

Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 42% from 2008 to the present.

Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 42% from 2008 to the present.

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Now our immunity is being especially severely tested. Autumn is the season of flu, colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Plus, the number of cases of COVID-19 remains at a fairly high level. The most effective means of strengthening and supporting the defense system of our body is a healthy lifestyle, doctors emphasize. And one of the main enemies of immunity is alcohol.

Experts of the official portal of the Ministry of Health of Russia about a healthy lifestyle explain:

– Any alcohol that contains ethanol is a solvent, a gross toxic substance, and it dissolves membranes [клеток]. Against this background, susceptibility to infectious diseases, including viral ones, increases dramatically. Cellular immunity is lost, cells become susceptible to any infection.

In addition to weakening the immune system, alcohol causes a devastating blow to the brain. Alcohol literally destroys nerve cells. Because of this, cognitive functions are disturbed in people: memory, concentration of attention worsens, and working capacity decreases. The end result of long-term alcohol abuse can be dementia. Or, in simple terms, dementia.

“There is no safe dose of alcohol!” experts emphasize national project “Demography”. If a person consumes about 50 grams of strong alcohol daily for a month, we are already talking about alcoholism. That is, urgent action is required to save health.


Many people know that alcohol abuse threatens cirrhosis and liver cancer. However, most people are not aware that ethanol contributes to the development of a number of other types of malignant neoplasms. Every bottle you drink can become a black contribution to the formation and spread of tumor cells, oncologists warn.

“Today, a link has been proven between alcohol consumption and cancer not only of the liver, but also of the breast, lung, bladder, prostate, uterus, pancreas,” said the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, director of the National Medical Research Center in one of his speeches. (NMIC) of Radiology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrey Kaprin.

Toxic breakdown products of ethanol cause mutations in cells. And if a young, strong, healthy body is able to detect and eliminate adverse changes to a certain limit, then with age the probability of timely control, correction of “breakdowns” decreases. And the risk of developing cancer with alcohol consumption increases accordingly, the expert explained.

According to international data, every year ethanol causes about 45.5 thousand cases of breast cancer in women, 12 thousand of which end in death. Also, alcohol causes more than 59 thousand cases of colon and rectal cancer in women and men.

In general, today it is known that alcohol abuse makes a significant contribution to the development of about 200 types of diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases of the nervous system (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Fortunately, in recent years, the attitude to a healthy lifestyle in our country is rapidly changing. Activities aimed at popularizing healthy lifestyles and combating addictions are being actively implemented. This is an important part of the task national project “Demography”.


1. I don’t remember anything in the morning …

Has it ever happened that, when you wake up, you cannot remember how the evening ended? “Oh, what’s wrong,” you wave your hand. – Well, he went over, who doesn’t happen to?

But regular blackouts, and not just after partying, are a serious sign of alcohol-related problems.

2. Began to accumulate excess weight

It is generally believed that alcoholics are thin. Therefore, we do not attach importance to the fact that we are starting to gain weight. At least we do not associate it with alcohol. Meanwhile, the regular use of even small doses (that is, no more than 50 grams of strong drinks) of alcohol leads to the fact that the production of the hormone leptin is suspended. This hormone controls hunger and satiety. Therefore, a person begins to think that he constantly wants to eat. And usually you want the most high-calorie foods: chips, cookies, snacks, fast food and other things.

It is not surprising that after a couple of weeks of such uncontrolled eating of everything in a row, you will notice an increase in weight and volume. Usually men do not attach any importance to this, but girls are upset. So, if you put on a little weight, it’s worth considering: are you abusing alcohol?

3. Desire for intimacy disappears

The level of libido is highly dependent on the amount of alcohol consumed. In both men and women, when alcohol is abused, the desire for intimacy disappears. And if sex happens, then there is almost no joy from it.

4. Start drinking alone

“Solo” alcohol abuse is perhaps the most striking sign that it’s time to do something.

Everyone should know and understand how alcohol affects his body. Doctors in health centers that are in many cities of Russia can tell about this (the list can be found on the website

According to statistics, for every woman who consumes alcohol, there are four such men.

According to statistics, for every woman who consumes alcohol, there are four such men.

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According to statistics, for every woman who consumes alcohol, there are four such men. However, one should not think that female alcoholism is easier and less dangerous than male alcoholism. It is important to debunk the myths about alcohol abuse among the beautiful half of humanity, experts say national project “Demography”.

Official portal of the Ministry of Health of Russia gives such data on the features of the negative effect of ethanol on the female body:

• alcohol knocks down the hormonal cycle. With frequent use of alcohol in large doses in women, the active production of male hormones by the adrenal glands begins. Because of this, the voice becomes lower and hoarse, movements – angular and sharp. Menopause in constantly drinking women, according to doctors, occurs 10 to 15 years earlier;

• also under the influence of male hormones, the fat layer on the body is redistributed. Instead of emphasizing the feminine curves of the hips, fat is deposited according to the male type – at the waist. Over time, a real beer belly appears;

• regular alcohol abuse often leads to infertility. Alcohol causes fatty degeneration of ovarian tissue and problems with ovulation;

• Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects in the baby. And also leads to premature birth of the baby, deficiency of the weight of the newborn or even his death.


“Such addictions as smoking and drinking alcohol are incompatible with sports and hinder your development,” portal experts emphasize.

Here’s how drinking interferes with effective fitness and other health-improving activities:

• because of alcohol coordination and balance are broken, reactions are slowed down. It’s not far from injuries;

• increased dehydration. Sports already make you sweat, and every gram of ethanol consumed increases the excretion of fluid by the kidneys. When these two factors are superimposed, the removal of water from the body occurs at an incredible speed, which provokes serious dehydration;

• excessive stress on the heart, especially from a hangover: the function of the cardiovascular system is impaired, which is expressed in an increased heart rate, heart rhythm disturbance and high blood pressure;

• depletion of the body’s energy reserves. Alcohol consumption in large quantities complicates dieting, and athletes with an unhealthy lifestyle are most likely to have a diet that is ultimately expressed in a lack of energy;

• impaired sleep recovery. Regeneration after heavy loads is an important part of the training process. During the deep phase of sleep, processes are activated that are responsible, among other things, for muscle growth. Drinking alcohol disrupts the phases of normal sleep and makes quality rehabilitation difficult;

• slowing down the process of losing weight. It’s no secret that alcohol is a very high-calorie “product”: each gram of 96% ethanol contains 7 kcal. In addition, many alcoholic beverages are high in sugar and other additives. This means that along with alcohol, a person consumes a lot of empty calories that do not saturate, but only create additional work for the body to remove ethanol decay products. Well, plus high-calorie snacks.

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