Alberto Fernández: “This government is also Cristina’s government”

President Alberto Fernandez
President Alberto Fernandez

President Alberto Fernandez assured today that his government also “It is the government of Cristina (Kirchner)” and recognized that during his administration he sought to close the rift in Argentina without success.

In an extensive report with the journalist Jorge Fontevecchia, published in the printed edition of the newspaper Profilethe Head of State made reference to the relationship he maintains with the vice president, assured that the Court is “servile to the opposition”, he returned to defend the PASO, stating that he is not afraid of internal competition in the Frente de Todos and ratified his criticism of Mauricio Macri and the leaders of Together for Change.

The political crack: “I did everything I could and maybe I have done things wrong, but I always wanted to end that crack and I couldn’t, it didn’t come out. But what I believe is that those who sow discouragement have also been very effective in that crack. They are the same ones who also worked to stigmatize Cristina, in a place that Cristina does not deserve.

Initiative to repeal PASO: “The PASO are a law and you have to respect it, part of democracy is to respect electoral rules. In the next elections, those of 2023from the last councilor to the President, must submit to the popular verdict, in mandatory primaries and the stronger that debate is, the better. The more we can be clear about contributing ideas to the debate, the better. I’m not afraid of debate, I’m afraid of silence.”

On the internal competition within the Front of Everything: “I have no problem competing with anyone. My concern is not to compete within the Front. (…) It would be good to open a debate. The richest time that Peronism lived was the Menem-Cafiero debate, even though those of us who were Cafieros have lost it. It was the richest debate that took place. What I think is that We need to give the Front strength and that strength is achieved through debate. Then I don’t know who the actors in the debate will be. What I do know is that the debate is worth it.”

“This government, of which I am president, is also the government of Cristina. If this government does not have corruption facts, Cristina is also in this government. And Cristina never hindered my decision to act in this way. Never. And she never had the slightest expression for favoring or benefiting someone. Never. Let’s put the value of honesty, you put it, of this government, also at the head of Cristina”.

On the truncated designation of Daniel Rafecas as Attorney General: “I have not sent another option because I believe that he is the best man to be an attorney in a republic and in an independent justice system. No one could explain to me why we didn’t treat him. They never gave me a clear definition of what was preventing him from being the procurator”.

On the lack of dollars: “It helps a lot that Argentines understand that we need dollars to bring inputs to continue increasing production, rather than for pleasure, distraction and savings.”

Criticism of the Supreme Court: “The court is absolutely subservient to the opposition.”

“I hear friends, militants, colleagues who tell me: “What you have to do is intervene in Justice”, and how does Justice intervene in a Republic? We need a law. Do we have the possibility of removing that law? The answer is no. “Then let’s impeach the members of the Court,” we need two-thirds of Congress to do that. The truth is that The Court should realize the discredit in which it has fallen. He should realize what he has done.”

“We are at a point where we have to become aware of the degradation that Justice has. People think that when I say these things I’m thinking of Cristina. I am not thinking of Cristina, in any case she is one more victim of this judicial system, but there are millions of victims ”.

About Sergio Massa: “He is a competitive person, of his generation he is the one who was most prepared to learn about the State and society will value the commitment he had.”

Unification of the exchange market: “We are working so that the exchange market is unified.”

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