Al Fondo Hay Sitio: The rating that made the return of Claudia Llanos and Jimmy’s kiss with Alessia

The Peruvian soap opera occupied the best position in the general rating table.  (Capture)
The Peruvian soap opera occupied the best position in the general rating table. (Capture)

The successful TV series ‘At the bottom there is room’ It came to an end last Friday, December 23, and left all its fans wanting to see more. And it is that, the final chapter of the national production was full of surprises and one of them was the return of Claudia Llanos to the life of the ‘Gonzales’ and the ‘Maldini’.

The popular ‘Shark Gaze’ she introduced herself as Diego Montalbán’s secret admirer, calling herself ‘Victoria’. Another event that shocked viewers was the long-awaited kiss between Jimmy Gonzales and Alessia Montalbánwho put their differences behind them and finally showed their feelings with a passionate kiss.

Everything seems to indicate that the fans of ‘At the bottom there is room’ They did not want to miss episode 130, since they gave it first place in the general rating table. According to information released by Ibope Media, the teleseries achieved 21.9 rating points in Hogares Lima and 22.1 in Lima +6 citiesabove other programs broadcast by América Televisión.

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The second place was occupied by the second season of ‘maricuha’. The telenovela starring Patricia Barreto had the same score of 17.4 in Hogares Lima and in Lima +6 cities. In third place was “América Noticias” with 12.7 rating points in Hogares Lima, while in Lima +6 cities obtained 11.8.

1. ‘This is War’ – América TV (8.6 points)

2. ‘La Banda del Chino’ – América TV (7.7 points)

3. Rubí – América TV (5.2 points)

4. ‘Magaly TV, La Firme’ – ATV (4.9 points)

5. ‘The Miracles of the Rose’ – América TV (5.9 points)

6. ATV News – ATV (6.2 points)

7. Andrea – ATV (5.9 points)

8. More Shows – América TV (5.6 points)

9. The Voice: Generations – Latina (5 points)

10. Love and Fire – Willax TV (1.3 points)

To the Bottom There is Room: Alessia and Jimmy had their first kiss. | America Television.

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don gilberto It caused great concern to his entire family when he suddenly began to forget some things. Don Gil she was about to tell the family some good news about Peter, but suddenly she didn’t know what to say and her mind went blank.

After coming to his senses, he decided to go to his cellar to try to remember what had happened there the day before, however, he found his blank notebook. Next, his cellar was completely empty, referring to how his memory would be found due to an illness that he would begin to suffer.

But, the nostalgia came when Gilberto Collazos took the floor at the Christmas dinner that the Gonzales and the Maldini shared. Teresita’s father surprised everyone when he indicated that “this could be her last Christmas” for her.

“Please, I would like to make a short locution. This may be the last Christmas I spend with you, but I don’t say it with pity because I feel like a lucky man. And they know what my fortune has been, having spent so many years of my life with my dove and with the wonderful family that she gave me, the friends that one loves, ”she said at the beginning.

Al Fondo Hay Sitio: Don Gilberto gives an emotional speech for Christmas. | America Television.


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