Al Fondo Hay Sitio LIVE: How and where to see the fourth chapter of the tenth season

Last January 12, the third chapter of ‘At the bottom there is room’, where Diego Montalbán apologized to his children and was moved to tears when he received his long-awaited doll as a gift. Also, Jimmy broke up with Kimberly and Alessia tried to do the same with Remo; However, the death of Romulo’s cat prevented the young chef from ending their relationship. This Thursday the fourth episode of the successful national television series will be enjoyed and more surprises are expected.

There is Room in the Background: Diego Montalbán cries when he sees Cristóbal’s gift. (America TV)

The tenth season of ‘In the background there is room‘ will be broadcast on the different cable operators.

– DirecTV / Channel 194 (SD/HD) Channel 1194 (HD)

– Movistar TV / Channel 104 (SD) Channel 704 (HD)

– Claro TV / Channel 4 (SD) Channel 1004 (HD)

– Movistar TV / Channel 4 (SD) Channel 704 (HD)

– Claro TV / Channel 4 (SD) Channel 504 (HD)

– Cablemas / Channel 4 (SD) Channel 110 (HD)

– Cable Peru / Channel 4

– Vision Peru / Channel 4

– Best Cable / Channel 4

– Star Globalcom / Channel 13

The national television series is transmitted through the signal of america television starting at 8:40 p.m. and lasts for an hour and a half.

Season 10 of the soap opera premiered on January 9.  (Capture)
Season 10 of the soap opera premiered on January 9. (Capture)


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