Aggressors camouflage military equipment in the fields in the Kharkiv region

In the Kharkiv region, Russian equipment from the occupied Borovaya is massively leaving for the captured Kupyansk, while a lot of equipment is disguised in the fields near the villages of the Borovoye community

This was reported in Telegram Borovsky village council, Ukrinform reports.

“Since yesterday, there has been a massive withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Borovaya and Boguslavka in the direction of Kupyansk. At the same time, according to aerial photography, a lot of manpower and equipment of the invaders remains in the villages of Izyumskoye, Druzhelyubovka, Olgovka, Cherneshchina, Pervomayskoye, Podvysokoye, Gorokhovatka, Bakhtin. Enemy equipment is camouflaged in the fields near the villages,” the report says.

It is noted that in the occupied villages the invaders are accommodated in social infrastructure institutions and settled in empty houses of local residents.

“Probably, the Rashists now have problems with the provision and lack of food, as they catch chickens, ducks, geese on the streets, and also take away or exchange pigs and food from local residents,” the village council said.

It is noted that separatist and Russian publics distribute videos from the village. Sands-Radkovsky in the Borovshchina. It shows how carefully the Russian invaders decorate the monument to the victors over fascism and the alley of memory.

“At the same time, for some reason, the area around is carefully hidden in the video. Obviously, true footage with destroyed buildings, shot cars and empty streets would violate the scenario of the traditional information product for Russia, which tells about the “liberation” of Ukrainians and in which the ordinary Russian so firmly believes,” the council says.

As reported, in the bulk captured since April 14, Russian troops have destroyed and looted schools, and are taking property out of private homes. Agricultural enterprises have been plundered, farmers are required to continue working after re-registration, and if they refuse, they are threatened with “nationalization” of property.

On April 19, it became known that the invaders appointed their “commandant” in Borovoy, the Russian military Sergei Razdorozhny, head of the military commandant’s office of the Novosibirsk garrison of the Russian Federation. The occupiers tell the locals that Borovshchina should become part of the so-called “LPR”

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Borovaya borders on Izyumshchyna, where fierce fighting continues, and occupied Kupyansk, as well as Lugansk and Donetsk regions.


On February 24, Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They shell and destroy key infrastructure facilities, carry out massive shelling of residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages using artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, ballistic missiles, and air bombs.

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