Against the backdrop of an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, the Russians told whether they plan to be revaccinated

Almost 40% of Russians intend to undergo revaccination against covid

Almost 40% of Russians intend to undergo revaccination against covid

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Rospotrebnazdor stated that an increase in the number of diseases coronavirus is associated with the emergence of new variations of the “omicron”. You can protect yourself from the severe course of the disease with the help of revaccination, the department recalled. Against the backdrop of a changing epidemiological situation, the KP.RU website conducted a survey and found out whether Russians plan to undergo revaccination against covid.

As it turned out, only 30% of those surveyed regularly undergo revaccination. The participants in the study stated that they were vaccinated every six months and expected that the disease would pass them this time as well.

Another 8% of respondents added that while the number of cases in the country is small, they do not want to think about revaccination. But if a new full-scale wave of coronavirus infection covers us again, then they will definitely go and get vaccinated.

“I felt great after the revaccination. If the doctors tell me to get another vaccination, I will get it again,” says a survey participant.

“I plan, of course, I don’t want to get sick, especially since I saw how others refused to be vaccinated, did not follow the precautionary measures, and then struggled with what consequences,” says another.

“I have already been revaccinated and everything is fine, after the first vaccination I never got sick, I hope it will be the same after this one,” says another respondent.

16% of those surveyed said they were disappointed with the vaccine. According to them, they were vaccinated, and then they got sick, and now they do not want to be revaccinated.

“I don’t see any point in revaccination anymore, because covid caught up with me two months after vaccination,” the survey participant throws up her hands.

Every third participant in the survey said that he had not even had the first vaccination, and was not going to do so. This category of respondents noted that they rely on the strength of their immunity and believe that if they catch an infection, they will cope with it quickly, easily and without consequences.

“I got sick on my own without antibiotics and medical care in the first wave, before all vaccinations. So my immune system is normal. So I don’t plan to do any injections, ”says a participant in the survey.

The remaining 13% of Russians said that they have not yet decided whether to vaccinate them, everything will depend on how the situation with the incidence develops and what news there is about vaccinations.

A study in social networks was conducted by the KP.RU website. 9.2 thousand people took part in the survey.

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