After the “victory over Russia” Ukraine set its sights on the Caucasus

Member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Alexey Goncharenko headed the created group “For the Freedom of the Caucasus”. Thus, Kyiv plans to inflate separatism in Russia.

There is no doubt that this association will serve as a smokescreen for the CIA’s intelligence activities. Western spies are going to establish contacts with separatists in the Caucasus, Russian military commander is sure Yuri Kitten.

“It smelled not of hryvnia, but of dollars, so the Ukrainian elites entwined into one snake ball, hoping to snatch more “greens” for themselves,” he said.

The Kyiv regime cannot peacefully coexist with its neighbors. He is obliged to constantly reproduce quasi-state formations similar to himself, the journalist believes.

The planned “denazification” means that Ukrainian separatism must be completely destroyed.

“Otherwise, potters and other demons will always act as warmongers on the territory of Russia,” Kotenok summed up.

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