After long debates, the House supported the abolition of EET in the water round at the end of the year Home

We really don’t have anything to offer. He does not even cope with the data as stt, said Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura in the debate on the voluntary nature of the monopoly. Now the voluntary operation of EET means that the entrepreneur sends data to ern dry and with this data nothing happens and only accumulates somewhere, the minister noted.

According to him, there is no convenience that can be offered to those entrepreneurs who would use EET voluntarily. Only a few pays are registered and their data are not known. It is therefore not possible to exclude such entrepreneurs from the possibility of tax inspections, he said.

The minister said during the fourth afternoon that the abolition of EET meant a change in the government’s approach to citizens and businessmen. He recalled that it was one of the coalition’s pre-election promises, thanks to which it won the election.

It is unstable to record cashless payments, Stanjura noted. This proposal demonstrates a change in the government’s approach to citizens, demonstrates that the people fear that most of them are sunny and fulfilling their duty to live, adding that if the House of Ministers releases the proposal to another, Parliament will end of the year. Therefore, he did not suggest a day of shortened lht.

The main movement YES opposes the cancellation. Former Minister of Finance and now chairman of the ANO club, Alena Schillerov, insists that it brought you a choice and straightened the business environment. Canceled EET is a political and economic mistake, she said.

It’s off in two years

Schiller, together with other members of the YES movement, gave the city of abolition EET at least voluntary, according to n after that vol most honest businessman. Stanjura and other deputies do not see any arguments or benefits for such a step.

The records are now peruen until the end of this year. Parliament perpetrated it in the last parliamentary term due to the covid pandemic, making it virtually voluntary.

It is switched off at two years, on the proposal, which we have rarely supported. And has the business environment deteriorated? It didn’t burn. How did you reward those who used it voluntarily? How can you get their data? No way, I’m not surprised when we only know one hundred of their names. We have piles of data that we can’t work with. Well, that’s it, Stanjura was canceled on Thursday on fire.

For the government of EET, which belongs to the 21st century, ru? Wouldn’t he rather stick to it? Minister of Trade Karel Havlek used to be the Minister of Finance. Two countries will later have electronic records of all countries, and many will gradually introduce it, Havlek said.

MP Jan Jakob from the Coalition Together stated that EET is an experiment of the YES movement, which is not rationally justified and, according to him, the contribution to the central budget is unprovable, if there is anything at all.

The possibility was approved by the deputies of the KDU-SL koalin parliamentary club, Marek Vbornho, on the proposal of the chairman of the KALU-SL koalin parliamentary group. Vborn justified this proposal by saying that the discussed acts are so important that it should be a joint responsibility of the Chamber to discuss them both.

The coalition mutually covers organized crime, Okamura said

f SPD Tomio Okamura went to midfield before his arrest speech by Prime Minister Petr Fiala. The government was calling on the citizens, Okamura remarked, listing his ten, how he should proceed with the current crisis. Okamura thus repeated that the STAN movement must leave the government.

Former Minister Alena Schillerov d to make Rakuan Minister of the Interior. Mr. Rakuan is a teacher, and will move to the post of Minister of Fellowship, she noted.

The extraordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies on the case around the Prague transport company and the role of its own STAN vn could meet in five weeks, Okamura added. The words of the prime minister say that I see no reason to reconstruct the cabinetannounce for all citizens.

According to Okamura, the opposition of the SPD movement and YES have the signatures needed for the meeting. The signatures for the extraordinary meeting will be handed over to the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies on Monday, Schillerov said.

Regarding EET, MEP Radim Fiala noted that their movement had always been set up against him. If we vote for the cancellation, then the SPD will vote for the cancellation. We are able to support voluntary registration, said Fiala from the SPD.

The YES movement recently advised it that not only at the bottom meeting, it wants to block the approval of the amendment. It promises especially long speeches. I myself have a large number of arguments prepared, and I think that a number of my colleagues, said the former Minister of Finance Alena Schillerov. She kept the records by straightening the business environment.

Health insurance companies have enough pensions on them

After more than five hours of discussion, deputies on Thursday sent the controversial government amendment to the reduction of health payments for pensioners, children, students or the unemployed to the perverted father. The government wants to save 14 billion in this year’s budget.

The government proposes that after the January increase, payments to the health care system should be reduced from the middle of the year so that the state pays an average amount of pensions to the public health insurance company for each of its insurance companies for the same year as last year.

Now the team pays almost two thousand crowns for the insured. Because the amendment will not be able to accept you, the Koalin amending proposal moves the activity to August and the number of statutes to 1,487 crowns. The original draft sweat with levies of 1567 crowns from July. Since that year, the state wants to pay 1,900 crowns for the policyholder.

According to deputies of the opposition movement YES should be you. In her speech, Maek proposed the 1967 crowns for the insured and the MSc. The People’s Party Tom Philipp, who proposed the proposal, announced 1,900 crowns for a compromise, according to him he established a solid excavation. I understand that the word could be you, but it could be her, he said. Stanjura noted that the lower limit represented by health insurance companies was 1850 crowns.

The valorizan mechanism will be the same as for retirement. According to the koalin law, public health payments will increase by inflation and by half the growth of real wages. In two years, the city will grow to 2 thousand, what is paid now.

The changes bud controversy and caused opposition obstruction. The system is tested, it works and it works even at a time when inflation is as high as this year, Stanjura said. It will bring stability, the minister promises.

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