After being wounded in the Donbass, treatment and rehabilitation on a tour to the Caucasus

Russian servicemen who underwent rehabilitation after injuries sustained during a special military operation went on a railway cruise “Pearl of the Caucasus” as part of a project of the Russian Defense Ministry.

As part of the “We Don’t Abandon Our Own” project, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian Railways organized two additional trips of the cruise tourist train No. on-Don/Moscow.

– The first additional flight “Pearl of the Caucasus” departed from Moscow on October 1. The trip will last 7 days and will take place in the “train-hotel” format, when the guests of the train travel the night in it, and devote the day to excursions. For a week, military personnel and their families will get acquainted with the history and culture of five southern cities at once, as well as see Elbrus and the mountain landscapes of the Chechen Republic, visit the Naryn-Kala citadel in Dagestan, walk along the Narzan Gallery in Kislovodsk and many other interesting places. The trip program also includes daily three meals a day in the cities of stopping or on the train along the route, – Colonel-General Viktor Goremykin, Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, told the details.

In total, two such flights are planned, more than 80 Russian servicemen, members of their families, as well as members of the families of servicemen who died during a special military operation, will take part in them. Total in

More than 500 people will take part in the project.

“I would like to wish the guys and their families who went on a trip to the cities of the Caucasus today as part of the project “We do not leave our own” good health, a speedy recovery and positive emotions,” the deputy head of the military department admonished the heroes.

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