Adulterated liquor in Bogotá: gang that produced fake whiskey in pots in the south of the city falls

screenshot taken from the video of the Attorney General for the Nation
screenshot taken from the video of the Attorney General for the Nation

The national authorities managed to dismantle a gang related to the manufacture and distribution of adulterated liquor in the departments of Cundinamarca and Atlántico. It is about ‘Los Químicos’, who apparently had the collection center in the El Galán neighborhood of the town of Puente Aranda in Bogotá.

The criminal structure manufactured the liquor in pots, cans and containers of questionable hygiene, in addition to using recycled material such as bottles and in some cases lids, although the Attorney General’s Office indicated that “Los Químicos” had contacts that supplied it false seals, labels, caps and security markings.

Infiltrations into a bodega in the south of Bogotá and interceptions of liquor smugglers, allowed us to find the whereabouts of the gang that intended to fill the capital’s streets with highly dangerous drinks for the human system on December dates and the carnival celebrations at the beginning the other year in Barranquilla.

The band that was dismantled was going to be in force for a year, so they had routes, personnel, and lists of clients and future victims.

Precisely from the accusing entity it was indicated that: “a sectional prosecutor charged Ramón Eliecer Marín, María Cristina Amaya and Emma Socorro Pabón with the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, corruption of food, medical products or prophylactic material, usurpation of industrial property rights and breeders’ rights of plant varieties and imitation or food simulation of food, products or substances”.

None of the courts accepted charges. While Marín and Amaya will have to face their process in prison, Socorro Pabón was sent home by prison. Precisely due to the worrying situation that is being generated with adulterated alcoholic beverages in the department of Cundinamarca, Governor Nicolas García announced a reward of 20 million pesos for those who provide information on these clandestine manufacturing centers.

An alarming situation is being generated in the center of the country as a result of the distribution and commercialization of adulterated liquors. The concern lies in the fact that only in the days leading up to December there have been around 20 deaths due to poisoning and methanol consumption.

Yesid Franco was precisely one of the people who have apparently died from ingesting adulterated liquor. The 72-year-old man who lived in Cazucá was one of the three subjects who were reported dead in the municipality of Soacha. In this regard, her daughter Arelis Franco spoke, who pointed out that her father died after losing his vision and suffering two cardiorespiratory arrests.

Yesid’s daughter told El Tiempo that the doctors told her that the large amount of ethanol consumed by her father was one of the reasons for his death: “The doctors told us that they had found a high concentration of methanol in the body, that this was one of the possible causes of death. The worst thing is that he died totally blind, in less than nothing he lost his sight”.

The victim’s daughter indicated that her father lived alone in commune 4 of the Soachuno municipality for 7 months after the death of his wife, for which reason he had allocated weekends to share with his neighborhood friends. Arelis mentioned that her father had told her that she decided to go to new places to drink because prices had increased in several places.

The woman told El Tiempo that on the morning of December 3, she received a call that her father was being treated at a hospital in Soacha. “When we entered he had severe pain in his stomach and he was already going blind. He told me that he could see less and less”.

The woman indicated that they tried to find explanations for the death of her father, being the overconsumption of methanol one of the strongest causes. “I don’t want to blame anyone, but this didn’t have to happen, no one should die from wanting to go out for a drink”.


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